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Wiki.js Integration

Created 08 Sep 2020

Updated 14 Feb 2021

Author FloRad

Adds integration for Wiki.js via the GraphQL endpoint so you can browser a Wiki.js instance in Foundry and import articles …

Art Gallery

Created 06 May 2021

Updated 19 Sep 2022

Author FloRad

Art Gallery lets you add more than 1 portrait to any actorsheet.   Each art piece has a title and …

Year Zero Engine: Combat

Created 23 Dec 2022

Updated 26 Aug 2023

Authors Stefouch, aMediocreDad, DrOgres, FloRad

Year Zero Engine: Combat A Foundry VTT module with additional combat and initiative tweaks compatible with all Year Zero Engine …

Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 28 Aug 2023

Authors FloRad, Joseph/ChaosOS

The implementation of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition game system for Foundry Virtual Tabletop officially released by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, …