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The implementation of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition game system for Foundry Virtual Tabletop officially released by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc.

How to use the Character Sheet

Adding Skills/Edges/Hindrances/Equipment

In order to add Skills and the like to a character or NPC, simply drag & drop the items you wish from the proper Compendium. Compendiums can be found in the sidebar, in the second tab from the right. Alternatively you can click the + button in the header field to add a blank entry.

It is also possible to create custom content such as setting-specific Edges, Hindances, etc. For that simply create a new Item with the proper type. To equip that newly created item simply drag & drop it onto the character sheet.

To modify a a character's skills, click the die. To modify an NPCs skills, right click the skill name in the list


Equipping gear

Weapons, armor and shields can be equipped from the Inventory tab. The equippable items are marked with a circle icon in the left-most column of the invetory line. Clicking that symbol will turn it into a tick symbol, thus marking it as equipped. Equipped gear shows up on the Summary tab.


Acquiring Powers

In order for a character to have powers they first need to be given an Arcane Background edge. You can equip one either from the Edges Compendium or by creating one and equipping it from the sidebar. Acquiring an Arcane Background will unlock the Powers tab on the character sheet. Now you can drag & drop Powers or create your own directly on the sheet. To edit a power a character has, simply click on the edit icon next to its name in the Powers tab.

Note: You can give a character powers without them having an Arcane Background, however without that edge they will not be able to access the Powers Tab.


Rolling Dice

The SWADE system offers automated dice rolling for the following functions of the character sheet:

  • Attributes
  • Skills
  • Weapon Damage 
  • Power Damage

To roll a Trait test (Attribute or Skill), simply click the name of the attribute or skill you wish to roll. You can input additional information in the dialog that opens up and click Ok, or simply press the Enter key on your keyboard. The sheet automagically modifes the roll formula so that it can explode and adds a Wild Die in the case a character is a Wild Card.


To roll damage, simply click on the damage in the card of the equipped weapon on the summary tab. In order to make melee weapon damage a bit easier you can reference your character's Strength die by adding @str in the damage field. This works for all  5 attributes .

  • Agility: @agi
  • Smarts: @sma
  • Spirit: @spi
  • Strength: @str
  • Vigor: @vig


Deleting things from the Sheet

To delete a Skill/Power/Edge/Hindrance, you must open the item first from the character sheet from which you wish to delete it from. Next to the name is a trash bin symbol. Clicking this symbol will delete the item from the character. To delete a piece of equipment, simpy click the trash icon on the right-most column of the entry in the inventory.

To open the sheet of a skill go to the Summary tab and click on the die. To open a Hindrance or Edge, go to the Edges tab and click the edit icon next to the name of the Edge or Hindrance. Editing Powers works the same.

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2 years ago

This official rules et is amazing! made playing Savage Worlds so much easier. Thanks

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