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SWADE Brazilian Portuguese PTBR (Translation)

Created 20 Jul 2020

Updated 08 Mar 2022

Authors Xina, Felipe Figueiredo, Zenger

Adiciona o idioma Português (Brasil) para o sistema de jogo Savage Worlds (SWADE). Não traduz outras partes do FoundryVTT, como …

Sync Token Names

Created 14 Dec 2020

Updated 31 Dec 2021

Author Felipe Figueiredo

Simple module to synchronize actor name with their token name. Enable the module and it'll automatically update the token name …

Swade Tools

Created 10 Jan 2021

Updated 29 Nov 2022

Author Felipe Figueiredo

A series of automations for Savage Worlds (SWADE): Status Management in combat (with icons); Reroll with (or without) a benny; …