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Navigation Presets

Created 06 Sep 2020

Updated 06 Nov 2022

Author Erceron

Adds configurable presets to the navigation bar, allowing for a bit more organization for GMs Features: Create, edit, and delete …

(0.6.6 only) Note Text Color

Created 11 Sep 2020

Updated 14 Nov 2020

Author Erceron

A small module which adds a text color field to the map note dialog for FoundryVTT

Custom Nameplates

Created 22 Oct 2020

Updated 20 Oct 2023

Author Erceron

Adds configuration tools for editing the size, font, and color of token, template, and ruler nameplates (which appear beneath them)

Stay Open

Created 15 Aug 2021

Updated 15 Dec 2021

Author Erceron

A small module which prevents folders from closing when you close their parent folder.

Hidden Entity Links

Created 15 Sep 2021

Updated 06 Oct 2023

Authors Erceron, p4535992

Hidden Entity Links A module for FoundryVTT for hide things... Hides entities in the sidebar if players have Limited access …

Macro Folders

Created 12 Aug 2020

Updated 20 Dec 2021

Author Erceron

Adds a folder creation system to the Macros directory. Features: Create, Edit, Delete, and Move Folders. Nest folders within eachother …

Compendium Folders

Created 26 Jul 2020

Updated 23 May 2023

Author Erceron

Compendium Folders adds a nested folder structure to organize your compendiums, and to organize contents of a compendium. This allows …