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Advanced Templates Pf1

Created 14 Mar 2022

Updated 14 Jan 2023

Author David Rickey

Advanced Templates PF1 Advanced template placement options for PF1. Go into any Item where you've got a Cone/Circle template configured …

Roll Bonuses PF1

Created 15 Aug 2022

Updated 28 Aug 2023

Author David Rickey

Roll Bonuses PF1 Provides bonuses to various types of rolls. Some of these are for variable changes that the system …

Token Action HUD Pathfinder 1e

Created 01 Apr 2023

Updated 05 Sep 2023

Authors Larkinabout, Drental, David Rickey

Token Action HUD Pathfinder Token Action HUD is a repositionable HUD of actions for a selected token. Features Make rolls …