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PF2e Mercenary Marketplace Volume 1

Created 16 May 2022

Updated 10 Jun 2024

Author Avery

Mercenary Marketplace Volume 1 Welcome to the Mercenary Marketplace. If you’ll peruse volume 1 of our catalogue you’ll find 373 NPCs available …

PF2e Mercenary Marketplace Demo

Created 17 Jan 2023

Updated 07 Jun 2024

Author Avery

Mercenary Marketplace Demo Welcome to the Mercenary Marketplace Demo. Here you'll find a sampling of the full collection of NPCs, …

PF2e Drag Ruler Integration

Created 08 Feb 2021

Updated 12 Feb 2024

Authors Reyzor, Avery

Integration of Drag Ruler module ( for Pathfinder 2e with support for flight, the 3 action economy, & restrained, paralyzed, …