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PF2e Mercenary Marketplace Volume 1

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Mercenary Marketplace Volume 1

Welcome to the Mercenary Marketplace. If you’ll peruse volume 1 of our catalogue you’ll find 373 NPCs available for hire, all of them for exclusive use in your Pathfinder Second Edition games on Foundry Virtual Tabletop. Each of our individual mercenaries is available for hire at a variety of different levels with a complete set of carefully selected, streamlined abilities and statistics that are perfectly scaled to their level.  

Our selection of mercenaries includes NPCs designed to capture the iconic fantasy for each of the 12 classes included in the Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook. Each of these classy NPCs is available for hire at levels 1 to 18. We also have on offer 14 unique NPCs with jobs such as Necromancers, Doctors or Tacticians. These professional NPCs have been designed to fill one or more of the seven combat roles (Artillery, Bruiser, Defender, Hexer, Leader, Medic or Skirmisher) in a way unique to their profession. Each of these NPCs with jobs is available for hire at levels 1 to 12. If you should find yourself in need of magical assistance, we have a collection of generic spellcasters of each of the four magical traditions available for hire. These Arcanists, Ecclesiasts, Primalists, and Occultists can be hired for any level between  1 and 20, and what’s more, you gain access to our powerful Spell List Generator that allows you to quickly outfit them with a unique spell list of the appropriate tradition customized to your exact specifications.  

But if individual mercenaries cannot compete against your party, volume 1 of the Mercenary Marketplace catalogue also contains 26 troops of level 4 to 18 available for hire, to provide massed opposition. What’s more the marketplace has introduced an exclusive new type of foe known as a Crew. Crews consist of four to six NPCs working together in tight coordination to bring down your party. Hiring crews allow you to easily create a natural sense of progression for your players, as their characters shift from facing individual foes to coordinated crews composed of those earlier foes. The volume 1 catalogue includes a large variety of example crews that are ready to hire and drop into your campaigns, at levels 3 to 16. But we’ve also included the tools needed to make your own. We’ve included an automated template that allows you to turn any NPC in your collection into a crew,  complete with the addition of potent new crew abilities that represent the crew’s teamwork. With 20 unique crew abilities to choose from, there are 189 unique combinations, meaning no two of your crews need be identical.  

To further spice up the variety of your NPCs, the Markeplace offers a variety of customization options for any of the mercenaries we have available for hire. Did you find the perfect NPC but they’re the wrong ancestry? Simply apply one of our Ancestry Templates. Volume 1 of our catalogue includes ancestry templates for the six common ancestries in the Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook. The catalogue also contains 21 Descriptive Templates that allow you to quickly apply a variety of evocative characteristics to your creatures. Looking for a clumsy bandit or perhaps a cunning captain of the guard? Our Descriptive Templates have you covered.  

The Mercenary Marketplace, your one stop shop for all things mercenary.

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For a preview of the modules contents check out the video from Recall Knowledge

This module is for use with the Pathfinder 2e Edition System

Compatibility with Pathfinder Second Edition requires Pathfinder Second Edition from Paizo Inc. See to learn more about Pathfinder.
Paizo Inc. does not guarantee compatibility, and does not endorse this product.

The Mercenary Marketplace Volume 1 Cover Image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License and uses art from Tom Prante

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