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This module is intended to hold a few features for the foundry vtt pf2e system that could well have been separate modules and may well be eaten by the system at some point.

Current features (order by setting section)

A demo video of most features:

  • Mystification section

    • Enable NPC Mystification. Sets the name of a token on the current scene based on it's traits.
      • Numerous subsettings, for instance: if mystified by dragging it from the sidebar while holding the configured modifier key, clicking the mystify button in the token hud or using the mystify keyboard shortcut (no default set). There are several options to filter out certain types of traits. A prefix or postfix can be added to the mystified name (either a user-provided word, or one rolled on a user-provided rollable table. A sample table named "Workbench Adjectives" is included with the module and need not be imported into the world, just enter "Workbench Adjectives" - without the quotes - in the appropriate textfield). A random number can also be added after the postfix, and optionally be kept when demystifying the creature. E.g. 'Skeletal Champion' could become 'Jack the Mindless Undead Skeleton 23'. Note that player owned tokens will not be mystified.
    • Option to use the mystified name in chat messages created from that npc (actions/spells). Relies on the original actor name being present in the text. Only works if the original npc name is actually used and correctly spelled in the message.
  • Reminder section

    • Option to remind when attack is made by a token that probably can't attack (due to being unconscious / dead / defeated / has no hp / is restrained / etc), and option to cancel impossible attacks.
      • Suboption to allow Eidolons to attack even if they have 0 hp.
    • Option to remind when an attack is made without targeting, or just cancel untargeted attacks.
    • Option to show reminder each turn that the number of actions is other than three. Handles Quickened, Slowed and Stunned.
    • Option to automatically add a reminder effect when breath weapons are used (i.e. sent to chat.) Breath weapon description must match "1d(4|6) #(rounds|Rounds|recharge|Recharge)" for it to be recognized. (Optionally hiding the reminder for non-partymembers.)
    • Hero point handler. Gives option to (using Configure Controls) add a keybind to open a dialog that can reset or add hero points for all characters, add one hero point to a random (or selected) character (on new timers only) and, most importantly, start a timer to make the dialog reappear after (by default) 60 minutes. Timer now survives refreshes. Reopen the dialog to see how much time remains (press escape to leave without changes).
      • Set number of minutes till the next time the dialog is shown.
      • Post a notification when a Hero Point is handed out
  • Quality of Life section

    • Option to add an npc scaler feature when right clicking on an npc (This feature has been taken over from the delisted PF2e Toolbox module. Thanks DJ! At some point Avery will have the time to add it to the system, until then I'll maintain it.)
    • Option to add a quick roller button to the journal directory, enabling improvised npc rolls with no actual npc using the suggested values from the GMG (This feature has been taken over from the delisted PF2e Toolbox module. Thanks DJ!)
    • Option to hold CTRL while casting a spell to cast it as a whispered chat message. Separate option to output a separate public chat message with a Recall Knowledge button to recognize it, an optional save button and an optional trait list, unless you hold CTRL+SHIFT to entirely skip this message. Also has an option to cast the normal way if a party member knows the spell, and an option to always cast privately for non-allies/non-partymembers/NPCs.
    • Option to alter the token animation speed. (Not compatible with Multi Level Tokens teleport functionality.)
    • Option to add an asterisk to, in the feat browser, add an asterisk to the name of feats with prerequisites.
    • Option to show spell names in rarity colours on actor sheets.
  • World Automation section

    • Option to automatically move combatant that goes to 0 hp to just before the current combatant. (Normally due to the current combatant just having downed the target combatant.) Option to limit to characters only.
    • Enable/disable the option to autoroll damage on a hit.
    • Enable/disable the option to automatically apply persistent healing.
    • Option to automatically reduce Stunned condition at the start of the turn hidden behind option to show actions reminder each turn, which handles Quickened, Slowed and Stunned.
    • Option automatically give Unconscious if Dying is removed when at 0 hp.
    • Option to automatically increase Wounded when Dying is removed (handles the feats Bounce Back and Numb to Death. Only works for players if they themselves apply the damage/healing.
    • Option to automatically increase Dying on reaching 0 hp (handles the feats Orc Ferocity , Undying Ferocity , Incredible Ferocity , Rampaging Ferocity and partial handling of Deliberate Death)
      • Suboption to increase dying by one more when damaged by an enemy's targeted critical attack.
      • Suboption to increase dying when taking damage while already dying (does not know about immunities/weaknesses/resistance, so taking 0 damage will trigger it).
      • Suboption for how to handle if the final damage was nonlethal.
    • Option to automatically remove Dying when healed to above 0 hp.
    • Option to drop all held items on becoming unconscious.
  • Client Automation section

    • Optional settings to (if the GM allows it) automatically roll damage on a hit for strikes and/or spell attacks. Needs the PF2e system setting 'Show results on attacks and saves' to be set so that the attacker can see the result in the chat. (E.g. for non-gm use either 'Owner' or 'All'). It also rolls for damage if a miss is turned into a hit via a reroll on the chat card.
      • Strikes. On a critical success it rolls critical damage.
      • Spell attacks (incl support for heightened spells). On a critical success it rolls normal damage, use the ' double damage' button on the damage card.
      • Non-attack spells that deal damage (rolled when spell is cast, before saves, so targets need to manually apply the correct amount of damage based on save.) On a critical success it rolls normal damage, use the 'double damage' button on the damage card.
    • Optional settings to (if the GM allows it) automatically applying persistent damage, fast healing and regeneration (with an optional extra debug chat message), inspired by @Jamz' code.
    • Option to automate the results of the dying recovery roll button being clicked. (I.e. it does not automatically roll to try recover the dying character.)
    • Option to automatically reduce the Frightened condition at the end of each turn. See the included effect ' Effect: Minimum Frightened' for how to set a minimum frightened level that the module won't reduce below.
  • House Rules

    • Option to enable Keeley's Hero Point Rule (if reroll die is 10 or less, get a +10 bonus). Courtesy of stwlam
    • Option to add Ancestry Paragon feat slots as campaign feat slots (i.e. requires campaign feats to enabled.)
    • Option to add Dual Class feat slots as campaign feat slots (i.e. requires campaign feats to enabled.)
    • REALLY experimental option to use json to potentially brick your world. (Or, see docs/ for more details.)
  • No section

    • Optional setting to automatically collapse chat cards with an h3 header (intended for item cards like spells, feats, items, actions, etc). Can be configured to default to collapsed or expanded.
    • Option to either expand all damage cards/action cards/attach cards, or only expand new cards. If the latter, on a refresh the last three messages are expanded if they are damage cards.
    • Several options for the macro 'Basic Action Macros' (aka BAM)
      • Add a glow to the buttons where the actor is the best in the group.
      • Show actions that cannot be used.
      • Use a tabbed or list view of the buttons.
    • Option to set a custom pause text and image, as well as to move it's position to center of screen.

API: A few potentially useful internal functions have been made available for macro use. Name and a simple example of each can be found below:

        resetHeroPoints: resetHeroPoints, // game.PF2eWorkbench.resetHeroPoints(1)
        addHeroPoints: addHeroPoints, // game.PF2eWorkbench.addHeroPoints(1, "ALL") OR game.PF2eWorkbench.addHeroPoints(1,
        scaleNPCToLevelFromActor: scaleNPCToLevelFromActor, // await game.PF2eWorkbench.scaleNPCToLevelFromActor(, 24);
        moveSelectedAheadOfCurrent: moveSelectedAheadOfCurrent, // await game.PF2eWorkbench.moveSelectedAheadOfCurrent(await game.combat?.getCombatantByToken(
        doMystificationFromToken: doMystificationFromToken, // await game.PF2eWorkbench.doMystificationFromToken(, true) OR await game.PF2eWorkbench.doMystificationFromToken(, false)
        generateNameFromTraitsFromTokenId: generateNameFromTraitsForToken, // await game.PF2eWorkbench.generateNameFromTraitsFromTokenId(
        noOrSuccessfulFlatcheck: noOrSuccessfulFlatcheck, // await game.PF2eWorkbench.noOrSuccessfulFlatcheck(game.messages.get("messageId"))
        basicActionMacros: basicActionMacros, // await game.PF2eWorkbench.basicActionMacros()
        callHeroPointHandler: callHeroPointHandler, // await game.PF2eWorkbench.callHeroPointHandler()
        mystifyNpcItems: mystifyNpcItems, // await game.PF2eWorkbench.mystifyNpcItems() OR await game.PF2eWorkbench.mystifyNpcItems(items, minimumRarity, usingPartyLevel, minimumLevel, multiplier)
  • New Keybinds in Configure Controls

    • Optional keybind to mystify a creature.
    • Optional keybind to open the Hero Point Handler.
    • Optional keybinds for executing a macro in any position on any page of the macro hotbar, whether that page is currently showing or not.
    • Optional keybind called "Add user targets" that lets the GM add token targets to other users by selecting or hovering over those tokens, pressing the keybind and choosing which user should target those tokens. Enables GMs to help players having problems with targeting.
  • Assorted other features

    • The latest versions of all V11-compatible macros from are included in each Workbench release. They can be found in the compendium "Symon-provided macros (asymonous-benefactor-macros)", with the express permission of said asymonous^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hanonymous (and colorless) benefactor. What documentation exists can be found towards the start of the macro. If you have issues with these macros, report them here:
    • The compendium "PF2e Workbench Items (xdy-pf2e-workbench-items)" contains a few useful effects and items:
      • Aura effects for Aura of Despair, Inspire Courage and Inspire Defense that automatically apply the effect to tokens within the aura. (Technically these not all these should be auras, but, close enough... Inspire Courage and Inspire Defense's effect can pass through walls that allow sound to pass)
      • Effect for Dirge of Doom that you can give to targets to give them frightened and not let the automated frightened removal reduce frightened below 1.
      • Effect: Minium Frightened that you can give to targets to not let the automated frightened removal reduce frightened below 1.
      • Effect that you can use to change Focus Point Maximum of a character.
      • Adjustments for making undead, courtesy of @ElvisLiving (everything but the zombie) and @Tikael (He/Him) ( zombie).
    • The compendium "PF2e Workbench Macros (xdy-pf2e-workbench-macros)" contains a few macros you might find useful.
      • 'Basic Action Macros' (aka BAM) shows a dialog with a button for the most commonly used action, with bonus and whether you're the best in the party at that action (a setting to turn this off exists). It defaults to not show actions you cannot use due to trained requirement (with an option to always show). The button colors in the dialog show ranks, in order, grey=untrained, blue=trained, purple=expert, gold=master, red=legendary, with 'glow' meaning that you are the best in the party. (Thanks ApoAstolov).
      • 'Build Npc Spellbook Journal' that builds a journal with the contents of an npc's spell list. Courtesy of Avery (Velara).
  • The compendium "PF2e Workbench Customizable Macros (xdy-customizable-macros)" contains customizable macros provided by ApoApostolov and esheyw. They are intended to be customized by the user by changing the javascript code (such as by adding/removing actions, setting what actors are part of the party, etc.) They are not really supported by me, so, if your changes break them, you get to keep all the parts! :) (Or, ping the original author.)

  • There are a few more compendiums included with this module with assorted internal utility macros and items that do not need to be imported, as indicated by their labels all ending with 'do not import'

  • Experimental features:

    • If a feature name starts with mentioning that it's experimental, use with caution. It's probably barely tested and may wreck your chat or brick your world. (No warranty expressed or implied. No user serviceable parts inside. Void where prohibited. Ei saa peittää. Do not taunt happy fun ball:
  • Deprecated features (will be removed eventually):

    • None currently.
  • Recently removed features:

    • Option to automatically handle Massive Damage as well as automatic handling of Death effects as they're handled by the pf2e system.
    • Option to allow item bonuses when using ABP.
    • Option to add all skill actions to the character Actions page.
    • (Experimental) 'Whirlwind Strike' performs a Whirlwind Strike around the selected token if it has the Whirlwind Strike Feat, has the effect "Reach 'aura' (Workbench)' using the first reach weapon, or failing that the first weapon of any type.
    • A Reach 'aura' used by the (experimental) 'Whirlwind Strike' macro.


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