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Womboras Journal Helpers

Wombora likes to automate his Foundry Journals so he wrote some helper


Post a Table to Chat

A small button will be added below every Table (for GMs only) to post the Table as it is to the Chat.

This Feature may be used for Price Lists of a Merchant or in a Bar

There is also an option to filter out columns if a coresponding header cell text starts with a #


"Enhanced" Journal Links

There are also some Journal link improvements added. For these features to function propperly the GM actually need to know the Datastructure of the linked entity


Simple data path access

If you dont want to display a name of an entity for a journal link this is the feature to go

for example #Actor[ItemId]{} will show the type field from a DND5E Actor (NPC)


Templated Journal Links

This feature could almost used as an Inline view of any given entity

For this to work there must be a journal folder created called _wjhelper. In this folder there can be journal entries created and handlebar variable syntax be used.

For example i created myself a temapltes called npc with the following content to have a more detailed link in my journal entries when i want to link to an dnd5e npc

<p><a class="entity-link" data-id="{{id}}" data-entity="{{entity}}">{{}} ({{}})</a></p>

Table of Contents

If you tend to write longer texts in to your Journals with a lot of headlines and sub headlines you can now add [toc] in your journal.

The entries are clickable and will scroll the headline into view


Roll Requests

When using the dnd5e system you can just write a roll into your journal and there will be clickable buttons when rendered. They will post a chat message so players do not need to search the specific button in thier charachter sheet and can just click to roll.

Ability saves, skills checks and saves


  • dex save
  • dexterity saving throw
  • sleight of hand check
  • sleight of hand ability Check



Journal Edit View

Edit View


Rendered Journal with sent Chat Messages:

Render View

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