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Note: I intended this as add on to work as an expansion for the Official Core and Enemy in Shadows WFRP4e Modules by Moo Man. It will work without but some of the horse icons will be missing.



This module is based on the blog posts by Andy Law on WFRP4e

Small medium and large vicious dogs

My kingdom for a horse

Cats in the cradle


Why do you need Law's Pet Shoppe?
Rat Catchers receiving a Small But Vicious Dog (i.e.: a Terrier) for free at Character Generation yet there are none in any supplements. Three careers start with a horse and over a third of the Careers need horses! Halfling Badger Riders start with Badgers but there are no stats for them ;)  Useful for spells, prayers, and blessings summoning native animals.


This is an expansion of the henchmen rules to handle pets.
This Expansion fills in the gap to allow pets to be created
• Adds 8 x dogs, 8 x horses and 1 x cat main ‘breeds’ by their roles and gives Actors for each. 
• Then breaks them down further into 5 x ‘pure breeds’ also with Actors for each (75 in total!).
• Adds 3 new generic henchman career for dogs, horses and cats. A sort of adventure's pet career for each type. I’ve made journals for each of the careers.
• Adds random traits tables for dog, horses and cats
• Adds two new talents: Fated [Active Effect Enabled] (to account for a cats many lives and perhaps wizards), Trick Riding for riders.
• Adds new Traits: Amble, Surefooted, Swimmer [Active Effect Enabled], Fine (reappropriated from qualities to account for breeding), and Ugly (a flaw reused as a trait).
• Updated Trained Trait. Plus adds some ‘Extra Training’ skills.
• All the animals have had their skills updated to active effects as well as the new Swimmer Trait and Fated Talent.
• Adds Trappings (price lists) for each type and breed and a table for how to price your own (in a journal).
• I made the decision to make Pet Trappings 'Containers' rather than 'Miscellaneous' items. This lets the trapping have an Encumbrance. So if you simply want to use the animal as a pack animal (container) and don't want to be bothered with having additional character sheets then you can use them as so. Feel free to let me know your opinion on this.
• Journals covering the main rules for using pets as Henchman (including some mentioned above).
• It adds my 4e versions of 24 x Old World animal and bird Actors that featured in previous Warhammer editions or fan material.
1.1.0 UPDATE
• Adds my 4e versions of 9 x Oceanic beasts that featured in previous Warhammer editions or fan material.
• Adds 3 new Traits: Keen Senses (Sense), Wayfinder and Survival Instinct. That accounts for some animals having exceptional perception, navigation or outdoor survival when the base stats are low. Which I've added to my 4e versions Old World animal, bird and oceanic creatures that featured in previous Warhammer editions or fan material.
• Updated the Trained Trait: Calm. As Andy updated the rules.


UPDATE 1.1.1
• Trained* trait description from compendium is updated.
• Bestiary: Telland Pit Bull has description corrected
• Bestiary: Adds the missing Stirland Fighting Dog.
• Bestiary: Tracker (2) trait now adds twice their Initiative Bonus to all Track Tests. Until I find out Andy's intention for Tracker (2).
• Careers: Linked to career descriptions
• Fixed Typos in career descriptions

One day perhaps a henchman generator like the character generator will enable better integration with this module but I lack the coding skills unfortunately.
Finally any suggestions or improvements to module I would love to hear.

I'd like to thank Vindico for his help with the Fated active effects and GregorHak for spotting errors and tracker trait code.

A final big thanks to Andy Law and MooMan without which this would not exist.



Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and WFRP are trademarks owned by Games Workshop Ltd. This article is a fan work and is not intended to be official or to challenge any trademark or copyright of Games Workshop or any of its licensees.

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