VTTA Tokens

Latest version2.0.5
Minimum Core0.7.9
Compatible Core0.8.8
Last updated2 years ago
Created3 years ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
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Virtual Tabletop Assets - Tokens

VTTA Tokens is not just an update to vtta-tokenizer , but a complete replacement. Many of the features of vtta-tokenizer came late to the party and felt sometimes very clunky because of limitations of the base code, this is especially true when dealing with large resolution actor images, wildcard tokens and other features that were stacked on top of the code base which was never designed to provide such features.

Delete vtta-tokenizer. Use VTTA Tokens instead.


  • Layer-based composition tool - create as many layers as you want and apply transparency and blend mode to each of them individually
  • "Lossless" composition - the end result will be saved in the configured resolution, but behind the scenes, all added layers are processed with their native resolution. That way, your profile image is as crisp as it can be. Note: Due to that, working with a large amount of layers containing high-resolution images can be a hit on performance.
  • Improved masking algorithm - The new algorithm works better with token frames that have a semi-transparent drop-shadow on the outer side of the frame: It is using a raytracing algorithm to detect the inner edges of the token frame
  • Use multiple masks - Instead of providing and using just one mask, you can create a mask based on each existing layer. This allows to create compositions not possible with vtta-tokenizer.
  • Easily tint your token - Adding tint layers allows to tint all or (if masked) some portions of your token with easily to select colors
  • Transform multiple layers at the same time - rotation, scaling and translations affect all unlocked layers instead of just moving them individually. Note: Due to working with native resolutions per layer, there will be shifts caused by rounding errors when translating multiple layers at once. This is a known limitation and not necessarily a bug.
  • Additional tools: Quickly create a new layer based on an existing one and mirror individual layers to really select the nicest composition possible
  • Use images from every source: Drag&drop images from your computer, use images stored on your FVTT server or load any image from the internet (see footnote below)
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