VTTA D&D Beyond Integration

Latest version2.0.11
Minimum Core0.7.9
Compatible Core0.8.8
Last updated2 months ago
Created1 year ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
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Virtual Tabletop Assets - D&D Beyond Integration

Are you an avid user of both D&D Beyond and Foundry VTT? Do you want to seamlessly integrate both tools into your regular DMing workflows? D&D Beyond Integration helps you to achieve that goal. 


  • Individual imports: Monsters, spells and items - Consistently designed and unobstrusive UI elements are inserted in all monster-, spell- and item (stat) blocks - everyone on Detail pages, (filtered) listings, encounter builder: Import what you need where you find it.
  • Versioned entities When the parser improves it will be run against all known monsters, spells and items locally on my development environment. Chances are that one fix for a monster affects others, still undetected discrepancies on other monsters. All affected monsters will be examined closely, and only good changes will result in an parser update, effectively increasing the version number for each affected monster by one.

    Having a version assigned to them, the tools will now detect outdated entities present in your Foundry VTT server and update them automatically for you. Just use the tools, Foundry VTT and D&D Beyond and VTTA got you covered to keep you updated for you.

  • Batch imports: Monsters, spells and items can now be imported in batch. Simply browse to a listing page, filter to your likeing and start the batch import. If the listing consists of multiple pages, they will all traverse until every entity is imported in your game.

  • Automated token generation - an installed and enabled will detect imported monsters and will auto-generate a token image for you. Note: All efforts to implement a fancy AI-driven solution to extract the most relevant section of the monster artwork were in vain. Therefore, the results might require manual adjustments, but it's a good start.
  • Source book import made easy - With server-side parsing and manually crafted processing instruction specific to each sourcebook, the parser will know which pages to traverse in order to achieve a great, concise import of great quality: With the automated batch import, all entities required to run your adventure will be detected, parsed and imported into in your world.
    • Structured Journal Entries based on the source/adventure book content? Check!
    • Rolltables now having recognizable names? Check!
    • Correct scene labels with 100% consistency between Journal Entry text and actually displayed Labels? Check!
    • Cross- and back-referenced links within the Journal Entries? Of course! it is called Integration for a reason

Patreon-Information / Restrictions

There are no restrictions. These set of tools were made by the fantastic supporters of my Patreon campaign and while the campaign still runs, it's now only an opt-in - a pledge is not required to utilize the complete set of tools.

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