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FantasyMaps map canvas

Created 28 Mar 2022

Updated 28 Jun 2022

Author FantasyMaps

Fantasymaps Map Canvas enables the users to play on scenes created dynamically from the vector maps of and from …

Monk's Sound Enhancements

Created 23 Mar 2022

Updated 02 Jul 2022

Author IronMonk

Monk's Sound Enhancements A module to enhance the way Foundry handles playlist and sounds   Usage & Features When you …


Created 11 Jan 2022

Updated 11 Jan 2022

Author Wouter Meuwis

This package add extra options to import/export items.It currently supports recursive folder structures and items, however it does not preserver/update …

Moulinette Sounds & SoundPad (module)

Created 19 Apr 2021

Updated 08 Jun 2022

Author Sven Werlen

This module for Moulinette adds capabilities for managing your sounds and create a soundpad. Bring your own sounds, manage them …

My Shared Compendia

Created 26 Apr 2021

Updated 05 Jun 2022

Author sts

My Shared Compendia A Foundry VTT module to share Data between worlds via compendia as explained by u/solfolango on r/FoundryVTT; here.  Its …

Realm Works Importer

Created 17 May 2021

Updated 07 Mar 2022

Author Farling

A module to import information from a user's RWexport file generated from the Realm Works® campaign/world management tool created by …
module Foundry Integration

Created 18 Jun 2021

Updated 25 May 2022

Author slate

This module provides a repository for storing and retrieving PCs across servers. It provides an interface to hook into …

Dungeon Scrawl Importer

Created 14 Jul 2021

Updated 11 Mar 2022

Author Tobias Franz

A Foundry module to allow importing a .ds file generated with Dungeon Scrawl to automatically generate walls.

VTTA D&D Beyond Integration

Created 17 Jul 2021

Updated 04 Jun 2022

Author Sebastian Will

Virtual Tabletop Assets - D&D Beyond Integration Are you an avid user of both D&D Beyond and Foundry VTT? Do …

Wiki to journal importer

Created 27 Jul 2021

Updated 06 Jan 2022

Author Areinu

Adds a button above journal editor to import wikipedia markdown syntax articles into journal entries. It attempts to recreate wiki …

Steps2Foundry - An Earthdawn character importer

Created 09 Aug 2021

Updated 06 Nov 2021

Author qrizzl

Steps2Foundry A Foundry VTT module to import characters created with SecondStep into the Earthdawn 4th Edition game system in Foundry …

5e Statblock Importer

Created 11 Aug 2021

Updated 29 May 2022

Author JHaywood

5e-statblock-importer A module for the FoundryVTT **DND5e - Fifth Edition System**. Easily import 5e monster and NPC statblocks into your …