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My Shared Compendia (CoC7)

Created 26 Oct 2022

Updated 05 Sep 2023

Author Ceriath

My Shared Compendia A Foundry VTT module to share Data between worlds via compendia. Installation Go to the Add-on Modules …

NPC Generator (GPT) for D&D 5e

Created 29 Aug 2023

Updated 02 Dec 2023

Author Halftone

This Foundry VTT module allows users to generate random NPCs using ChatGPT APIs. Setup To install, follow these instructions: Inside …

Deidril's Starfinder 1 PDF Import

Created 14 Aug 2023

Updated 19 Jun 2024

Author Deidril

Import some PDF (Junker's Delight, Alien Archive 1 to 3, ... ) into your Foundry world for the Starfinder 1 …

Cyberpunk RED Importer

Created 17 Jun 2023

Updated 20 Dec 2023

Author Aaron Olkin

This module is designed to import character data from (and the associated mobile apps). It is most useful if …

My Shared Compendia PF2e

Created 31 May 2023

Updated 11 Jun 2024

Author HonzoNebro

DO NOT UPDATE THIS MODULE, YOU'LL LOSE ALL YOUR SAVED DATACreates default set of compendia that are shared across Foundry …

QNPC Generator

Created 01 Apr 2023

Updated 01 Apr 2023

Author Ivan Drenjanin

A small addon that lets GM's quickly create NPCs

Deidril's Pathfinder 1 PDF Import

Created 28 Feb 2023

Updated 17 Jun 2024

Author Deidril

Import 'Crypt of the Everflame' into your Foundry world for the Pathfinder 1 system. To use, follow these steps : …

Adventure Bundler

Created 09 Feb 2023

Updated 18 Jun 2023

Author Dana Marcuse

Export and import adventures, with assets included! Foundry V10 adds support for building adventure documents. This module takes it one …

PF2e Pathmuncher: Pathbuilder character importer

Created 28 Jan 2023

Updated 19 Jun 2024

Author MrPrimate

Pathmuncher allows you to import your characters from into the Foundry Pathfinder 2e system. (Other import sources coming soon!) …

Directory JSON Drop

Created 21 Jan 2023

Updated 28 Aug 2023

Author Xaukael

Drop an exported JSON document into the document's appropriate directory to create the document.

Wanderer's Guide [Pathfinder 2e]

Created 20 Jan 2023

Updated 20 Jan 2023

Author Renn

Character importer for Wanderer's Guide.

5e Spellblock Importer

Created 09 Oct 2023

Updated 14 Oct 2023

Author Luca Gioppo

Do you have a number of homebrewed spells or items around that you want to use in your foundry 5e …