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Chronica Importer

Created 31 May 2022

Updated 31 May 2022

Author Tobias Franz

A module allowing you to import your exported data from into Foundry.

Dungeon Scrawl Importer

Created 14 Jul 2021

Updated 26 Nov 2022

Author Tobias Franz

A Foundry module to allow importing a .ds file generated with Dungeon Scrawl to automatically generate walls.

Wiki to journal importer

Created 27 Jul 2021

Updated 06 Sep 2022

Author Areinu

Adds a button above journal editor to import wikipedia markdown syntax articles into journal entries. It attempts to recreate wiki …

Steps2Foundry - An Earthdawn character importer

Created 09 Aug 2021

Updated 06 Nov 2021

Author qrizzl

Steps2Foundry A Foundry VTT module to import characters created with SecondStep into the Earthdawn 4th Edition game system in Foundry …

5e Statblock Importer

Created 11 Aug 2021

Updated 22 Apr 2023

Author ArcaneRoboBrain

5e-statblock-importer A module for the FoundryVTT **DND5e - Fifth Edition System**. Easily import 5e monster and NPC statblocks into your …

Compendium Image Retainer

Created 23 Aug 2021

Updated 27 Apr 2022

Author Ariphaos

This module provides a mechanism for you to restore your actor images, token settings, and item images after a game …

Lava Flow

Created 21 Dec 2021

Updated 04 Jun 2023

Author Chase Burke

This module allows you to import your notes from Obsidian MD into Foundry journal entries.   For features and how-to, …

HTML To Scene

Created 07 Jan 2022

Updated 10 Feb 2022

Author Javiondox

A FoundryVTT module that allows embedding HTML files on scenes. It allows you to load as a scene, an HTML …


Created 11 Jan 2022

Updated 23 Nov 2022

Author Wouter Meuwis

This package add extra options to import/export items.It currently supports recursive folder structures and items, however it does not preserver/update …
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DSA5 Aventurisches Nekromanthäum

Created 28 Jan 2022

Updated 12 May 2023

Author Plushtoast

Aventurisches Nekromanthäum (German Version) Klappernde Skelette, faulende Zombies, staubumwaberte Mumien - die aventurische Nekromantie hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, …

Foundry VTT Content Parser

Created 05 Feb 2022

Updated 21 Apr 2023

Author EthanJWright

Foundry VTT Content Parser Create foundry elements from external sources. Usage Press import button in tab you are trying to …

TOR 2e NPC Parser

Created 19 Feb 2022

Updated 04 Jun 2023

Author ThroughlyDruxy

This module allow for copy and pasting a statblock directly from the book to create a adversary character sheet. Navigate …