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Introduces touch screen support to FoundryVTT. If you have a tablet, a PC or a TV equipped with a 

touch screen and want to play on FoundryVTT, this module is for you!


  • Use two-finger pinching and panning gestures to zoom and pan the map. Panning can be turned off for this gesture in the settings (use three fingers to pan if you change this).
  • Move tokens by dragging them with your finger - just as you would with the mouse
  • Move three fingers around on the canvas to pan the scene - no zooming in this mode.
  • Rotate tokens using the (optional) directional buttons added to the token right-click menu (HUD)
  • Target hostile tokens quickly by tapping them.
  • Use your ruler with waypoints and move your token along the measured path using a Touch-Only UI
  • Need to right-click to access the corresponding functionality on a game world entity? Just long-press (0.5s) with your finger.
  • Move windows around and interact with their content intuitively
  • Removing measurement templates usually requires you to press the DELETE key on your keyboard. TouchVTT adds an eraser tool to the measurement templates menu that can be used with touch controls. First tap the eraser tool, then tap the template you want to remove.
  • Additional wall placement tools that work with touch controls
  • Enlarge the menu buttons (on the left) to make them easier to use with touch controls

Primary use cases

  • You and your group play in person and you want to use Foundry to visualize gameplay - just put a touchscreen device in the middle of the table, install TouchVTT and you'll be good to go!
  • You like playing on your couch where a touch device is just so much more convenient than a laptop

Feel free to suggest features and report bugs via Github issues!



TouchVTT Module Settings Screenshot

See the GitHub page for a detailed description of each setting.

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2 years ago

An effective tool, but…I can’t see the map…it’s just a big blank gray space and IDK where the map is when I use it…is there anything I can do to fix that?

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