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Latest version22.02.9
Minimum Core0.6.0
Compatible Core0.8.3
Last updated1 year ago
Created2 years ago
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Learn how to use Foundry one tip at a time.

A partial screenshot of the Foundry app with a text box that says "Did You Know? Doors can have vision/light passing through, just like invisible walls. Double click the door node and select Perception Restriction 'None' from the config dialog."

Foundry Tips is a FVTT module that displays random Foundry usage tips whenever
the user logs into a world. They can receive a core Foundry tip, a system-
specific tip, or a tip for another module!

By default, tips are currently hidden from players and trusted players. You can enable
tips for everyone by clicking the "Show Everyone" checkbox in module settings.


Foundry Tips is now available in the official Foundry VTT package list! Find
it in the package list, or follow these steps.

  1. Copy the manifest URL:
  2. Go to Foundry's Configuration and Setup > Add-on Modules, click Install Module.
  3. Paste the manifest URL in the provided input box, and click Install.

Developing Tips for your own Foundry package

Tips will automatically get loaded into Foundry Tips and a random tip for an enabled package
(or a core tip) will be shown to the user.
In your localization file, use the following structure.

// modules/yourexactmodulename/lang/en.json
    "TIPS.yourexactmodulename" : {
        "0"         : "This is a tip.",
        "1"         : "This is the second tip.",
        "9999"      : "this is the last tip"

No code! Just JSON! Please contact me if you use Foundry Tips and need some help. Suggestions for restructuring the JSON are also welcome at this time. Thank you!

Foundry Fans! Tell the maintainers of your favorite systems and modules how you can help them write tips!

Special Implementation Requests

Direct special implementation requests to [email protected]. Closed source package tip-writing help, images, links, video, opening menus/highlighting buttons. Your imagination with no limitations!


You agree to license your contribution under the MIT Expat license. Your name and will be added to the CONTRIBUTORS file. Either you or your employer will be added to the AUTHORS file. Please indicate if your contribution is part of your employment (for copyright purposes).

Contributing Code

Fork this Repo! Clone your fork into a local directory. Create a branch named after the improvement or fix you wish to solve, and append the issue number. For example, git checkout -b readme-improvements-9. When you're done, create a pull request to this repo with your completed change.

Contributing Tips in English

The easiest way you can contribute is just by answering Foundry Core questions in the Discussions or in #core-how-to on the official Foundry VTT Discord server. If you helped someone use core Foundry from April 2021 onward, ask me for a contributor credit by messaging me or opening a new Issue.

You can also contribute tips directly by opening Issues, replying to Issues, and opening Pull Requests in this GitHub repository. You agree that your tip contributions are MIT licensed.

Note: A tip you've learned from someoneone else and written in your own words can be attributed to you as the author. A tip taken word-for-word from someone else can't be used without their permission. Facts are libre, writing is copyright protected.

Contributing Tip Translations

Each tip translation must match the key (the number before the tip text) of the English tip. You may skip tip translations so long as you also skip each number/key of the skipped tips.

VTT Red is in contact with a couple members of the Foundry community to best serve their localization needs. Please contact corporat#1282 on Discord for further assistance.

Contributing dnd5e and worldbuilding tips

Two packages, dnd5e and worldbuilding are maintained by Foundry Gaming, and FG is not likely to maintain a tip repository of their own. For these two packages only, we will accept contributions into this repository. All other package tips should be contributed to their respective package repositories.


See Releases.


Package code is available under the MIT Expat license. See LICENSE. Your obligation under the MIT Expat license is to credit the authors and acknowledge their copyright.

Copyright (c) 2020-2021 VTTAssets, VTT Red LLC

A link to the tip on is sufficient in most cases (Coming soon!)


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