Target Recall

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A small module that captures a token's targets at turn end and recalls them on the token's next turn. Particularly useful for GMs running combats with multiple NPCs. The controller can also scroll through the token's combat target history using keys.
Displays the application of targets and then the subsequent recall of those targets within the following turns.

Shown here, as the GM toggles through their creatures' turns, the previous target for that creature is recalled. Shown at the GIF end is the keybind scroll functionality.


1. Automated capture of the owner's current targets at token's turn end. This is captured by user id, allowing for differentiation if more than one user (e.g., the GM) is controlling the token.
2. Automated recall of targets from the previous turn on the token's turn start. Recall targets are targeted at turn start, unless that target is marked defeated.
3. Ability to scroll through target history using < and > keys along with CTRL.
4. Option to disable target recall by user or by token.
5. Option to automatically select/take control of an owned token at it's turn start, clearing any previously token currently selected by that user.
6. Option to automatically clear existing targets at turn start.
7. Option to include temporary target markers for better location of targets on combatants turn.
8. Option to include termporary target distance finder window which displays the distance of all targets from combatant on combatants turn.


Heads Up

Several commonly installed modules have optional settings that remove targets at the start of every round. These settings can be disabled. Target Recall comes with a setting that clears targets which will accomodate the recall feature, so you can toggle that on in this module instead if you wish to continue to use it. See the linked repository for more information. 


Settings and More Information

See the linked repository  page for more information.

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