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Savage Rifts - Blood and Banes

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Blood & Banes
Blood & Banes

Rifts® for Savage Worlds - Blood & Banes

Where Darkness Looms, the Light Shines Brightest!

Though the Coalition States and the True Federation of Magic threaten the Tomorrow Legion from either side, the greatest dangers to Castle Refuge come from far afield. In the south, the Vampire Kingdoms plot. In the east, mutant tribes stalk Dinosaur Swamp and ghost-haunted Madhaven. In the north, the alien Xiticix and the demonic Kingdom of Monsters threaten all life on Rifts® Earth!

Extensive faction descriptions, new Savage Tales, and over 40 new creatures help Game Masters bring these other new threats to life, while the Plot Point Campaign Into the Desert Night plunges the Legionnaires into a deadly duel with the Vampire Kingdoms!

Hope blooms anew!

Savage Rifts® North America: Blood & Banes contains options for players to bring new allies to life as auxiliary Legionnaires. Reid’s Rangers, the Knights of the White Rose, the Deathbringer Tribe, and the Tundra Rangers stand ready to fight against these banes.

Inside you will find new Iconic Frameworks such as the ethical Necromancer and heroic Vampire, M.A.R.S. packages like the Barbarian and Dinosaur Hunter, new races including the Centaur and Werecat, and plenty of gear and vehicles to help your heroes take the fight to the worst North America offers.

  • Iconic Frameworks and Races for many amazing Rifts® character concepts—including Shifter, Necromancer, Sasquatch, and Werecat!
  • New Edges & Hindrances like Vampire Hunter and Reid's Ranger.
  • Lots of new equipment including weapons and armor.
  • Nearly 50 new Allies and Adversaries to challenge your players
  • Updated World Information for North America and the Into the Desert Night Plot Point Campaign.

This module depends on Rifts® for Savage Worlds: The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide . We also suggest owning the Savage Worlds core rules for full functionality, as this book is designed for use with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Of course this module is compatible with the full range of other Rifts® for Savage Worlds FoundryVTT modules.




Rifts® and Megaverse® are Registered Trademarks of Palladium Books, Inc. All character names and likenesses are copyright and trademarks owned by Palladium Books, Inc. and used under license.

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