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Savage Rifts - Arcana and Mysticism

Latest version2.2.0
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Compatible Core11
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Arcana & Mysticism
Arcana & Mysticism

Rifts® for Savage Worlds - Arcana & Mysticism

Transcend your limits.

All Legionnaires know of the vile Federation of Magic and its vendetta against the Coalition States, but few comprehend the eldritch powers found further abroad…

What do your Legionnaires know of the Spirit West—the Techno-Wizards of Arzno, the Native American Preserves, or the glory of Tryth-Sal? What do they understand of Lazlo and the territories it defends? What do they truly know about the political machinations splitting the Magic Zone apart?

Unleash your power.

Savage Rifts® North America: Arcana & Mysticism gives players the tools to dive deep into the magical side of Rifts®. New Iconic Frameworks and M.A.R.S. Packages—such as the Dragon Juicer, Psi-Warrior, and Zapper—plus new gear and vehicles—like the Arzno Jackrabbit and the Dweomer Colossus—provide players access to new realms of mystical might.

For Game Masters, new Savage Tales and over 30 new creatures flesh out the threats found in these far-flung magical realms. The Plot Point Campaign Souls of Darkness integrates mysterious Psyscape into Castle Refuge’s alliances and rivalries. This epic adventure reshapes the Tomorrow Legion’s role on Rifts® Earth!

  • Iconic Frameworks and Races for many mystical Rifts® character concepts—including Elemental Fusionist, Dragon Juicer, and Zapper!
  • New Edges & Hindrances like Item Creation and One with Magic.
  • Lots of new equipment including amazing Techno-Wizardry weapons and armor.
  • Nearly 50 new Allies and Adversaries to challenge your players
  • Updated World Information for North America and the Souls of Darkness Plot Point Campaign.

This module depends on Rifts® for Savage Worlds: The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide . We also suggest owning the Savage Worlds core rules for full functionality, as this book is designed for use with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Of course this module is compatible with the full range of other Rifts® for Savage Worlds FoundryVTT modules.



Rifts® and Megaverse® are Registered Trademarks of Palladium Books, Inc. All character names and likenesses are copyright and trademarks owned by Palladium Books, Inc. and used under license.

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