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Savage Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords - Book 4 / 6

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The Hook Mountain Massacre
Fortress of the Stone Giants

Rise of the Rune Lords - Fortress of the Stone Giants

Please Note: This module requires the Savage Pathfinder Core Rules module to play.

The stone giants of the Storval Plateau have traditionally been a stabilizing element among their kind, a voice of moderation and temperance among brutish thugs like hill giants, ogres, and ettins.

Where these lesser races might go to war for the slightest of reasons, the stone giants preach caution and patience. Yet now, one of their own has fallen from the path of tradition. Lord Mokmurian has become the pawn of Runelord Karzoug, and now that one stone giant has swayed his people to war, Varisia might never be the same.

Fortress of the Stone Giants is the fourth book in the six-part Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path.

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Module Contents

  • Complete Rise of the Runelords Book 4 packaged as an Adventure for Foundry VTT!
  • Complete book converted to beautiful journal entries!
  • Index created as Journal entries to allow fast lookup of information during game time!
  • 6 Fully Lighted and walled maps, complete with Token drops on the GM layer so you are ready to jump into the action!!
  • 40 Actors fully statued out NPCs ready for adventure - every NPC needed for the adventure right here!
  • 11 Items created in case your character decides to pick up a Brutal Accurate Shortsword

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