Deadlands the Weird West: Blood on the Range

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Welcome to the official Deadlands the Weird West: Blood on the Range (Savage Worlds Test Drive #SWADE) free premium content pack for Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

Conversion of: Deadlands the Weird West: Blood on the Range (Savage Worlds Test Drive #SWADE)

Deadlands, Savage Worlds, all unique characters, creatures, artwork, logos, trademarks, and the Pinnacle logo are © 2020 Pinnacle Entertainment Group. All Rights Reserved.

Package Description

Have you ever wanted to try a game of Savage Worlds? This absolutely free module version of the Savage Worlds Test Drive rules includes everything you need to play:

  • 6 pregenerated “archetype” characters as actors fully statted up with all their gear and tokens
  • 3 included NPCs as preconfigured actors with their gear and tokens
  • 7 powers ready for use 
  • Interlinked Journal Entries of the whole text detailing rules for: Basics, Combat, and Powers
  • Bonus map as a Scene lit and ready for the tokens!

It also includes Blood on the Range, a brand new tale of death on the high plains for The Horror at Headstone Hill, the latest campaign set in Deadlands: the Weird West by Savage Worlds’ creator Shane Lacy Hensley!

Once you’ve tried the Test Drive, purchase the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules here, and your Deadlands: the Weird West items here!

Everything you need to play is in this FREE Module! Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, Headstone Hill or Deadlands: the Weird West core rules are NOT required to play this adventure.

Unlocking the Adventure

  • Install the module from the add-on module Browser in the Foundry VTT application.

Savage Worlds is available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at This module was prepared under the direction of Dr. Amy Bliss Marshall by the Sigil Entertainment Group VTT Conversion Team, including: Joe Schnurr, Josh Olsen, and John Stevens.

Welcome to Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Test Drive!
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