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Status Icon Counters allows setting and displaying a counter on any token's status effects.

Status Icon Counters

The module has several options. The font size and color should be self-explanatory.


The mouse rebind option changes the click behavior as follows:

  • Left click on a status icon (in the token HUD) increases the stack count by 1. If it wasn't active before, it is added.
  • Right click on a status icon decreases the stack count by 1. If it reaches 0, the effect is removed. If it is already inactive, the overlay effect is toggled instead.
  • Shift + left click on a status icon always toggles the overlay effect.
  • Alt + left click opens a dialog allowing you to enter a numeric value that is used as a counter.


The number key rebind behaves as follows:

  • Pressing any number key while hovering an effect sets the stack count to that number. If it wasn't active before, it is added.
  • Pressing 0 removes the effect.


When the mouse button rebinds are disabled, the stack count is reset each time the effect is toggled.



In addition to the standard features, this module allows using a counter as an active effect duration. Any status implemented using the active effect format (available from FoundryVTT 0.7.4 onward) can change its type using Ctrl + Left click:

  • The round countdown is automatically decreased by 1 each round.
  • The turn countdown is decreased by 1 each turn. Note that it may display odd values when going back into the previous round.
  • The multiplier type applies its stack count to any underlying active effect changes (e.g. if an effect would decrease your health by 4, its value will be increased to 8 for 2 stacks, 12 for 3 stacks, etc.). For effects that are already multipliers, the change is modified additively (e.g. 0.8 for 1 stack becomes 0.6 for 2 stacks, not 0.64).

System developers can define their own counter types and defaults for each effect. Read the development section on the project repository to find out how.

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