Small Talk

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Systems Dnd5e
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Small Talk (for D&D Fifth Edition)

A module that makes dnd5e chat messages smaller by reducing overall size, button size, margins, portrait size, subtitle size, and so on (also adds some other opinionated css chat tweaks).


  • Hide Portraits: Remove the portraits from chat cards.
  • Use Token Image: Use the token image rather than the portrait in chat messages.
  • Hide Subtitle: Hide the subtitle which shows, among other things, the associated username.
  • Hide Item Image: Hides the item image on item chat cards.
  • Hide Item Subtitle: Hides the item subtitle on item chat cards. Caution: this may contain useful information in play.
  • Trash Button: Replaces the ellipsis context menu button on messages with a trash button (similar to version 2) to allow for one click deletion (use at your own risk).
  • Purple Whispers: Makes the background of whispered messages a slight pinkish purple and labels them, to better distinguish them from public messages.
  • Blue Hit Checks: Use blue instead of green for successful checks and maxed dice (may be more red-green colorblind friendly).
  • Default Chat Appearance: Use a (mostly) default chat message size and appearance (in order to only use one of the extra settings).

All settings are off by default.

image image


I have not tested compatibility with many other modules that modify chat cards, and unless I use that module myself I am unlikely to (see for more info). The only modules I have personally tested for compatibility are my other chat card based module Effective Tray and Zhell's Retroactive Advantage.

Technical Details

Scope: CSS tweaks, some hidden behind settings & brute force additions to the head.

License: MIT License.

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