Shared Vision

Latest version1.1.2
Minimum Core9.0
Compatible Core10
Last updated1 year ago
Created3 years ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
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Shared Vision is a module that provides an easy way to share vision between multiple tokens.
It allows you to configure actors so they will always share their vision, or only when you press a control button, or when it's triggered by the Trigger Happy or Hey, Wait! modules.

Besides sharing the vision of all (player) tokens with all players, you could specify with what player the actor should share its vision. This could be useful if a player controls multiple tokens, such as familiars.

A control button allows you to easily toggle vision sharing for all players for specified actors. The reasoning behind this is that, when dungeon delving, the player in the back of the marching order will miss out on all the awesome stuff that's happening at the front. The GM might have prepared an wesome cut-scene, with visid descriptions, but the wizard at the back isn't in the same room yet as the fighter in the front, so the wizard's player is missing out on all the action!


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3 years ago

This is going to make quality of life so much better for my players. I’ve had players split up and have to stare at a black screen while I handle one half at a time, whereas in a real life game, they’d get to see all the action regardless. This lovely module fixes that and brings back that vital bit of D&D where you can always be present!

As a troubleshooting note, I thought I had some issues with this at first, but it turned out to be user error. For future users who may be prone to similar errors: you can’t test to see if/how the vision is working as a GM by selecting the token to see if the vision is shared. You have to instead log in as a player client to see the shared vision working. That said, the only setup required was checking boxes on each player actor’s permission config so it is very quick and easy to get it up and running.

Anyhow — highly recommend the module, and a big thanks to CDeenen for making this!

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