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Demon Lord's Companion Compendia

Latest version1.7.1
Minimum Core11
Compatible Core11
Last updated1 month ago
Created9 months ago
Systems Demonlord
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Shadow of the Demon Lord Compendia - Demon Lord's Companion
Demon Lord's Companion cover

As the Demon Lord’s influence creeps across the land, it touches more people, awakening in them crippling dread, tempting them to commit unspeakable acts, or to rise up and take a stand and fight back against the spreading darkness. In the end times, all must choose a side, to save the world or watch it burn.

The Demon Lord’s Companion reveals new options for players and Game Masters alike, providing a host of new options such as:

  • Faun and Halfling ancestries
  • Six expert paths including the psychic and mountebank
  • A dozen master paths such as the blackguard, martial artist
  • Alchemical Items, Forbidden Items, Marvels of Engineering, and new potions
  • New rules for creating gear and using vehicles
  • Alchemy, Demonology, Telekinesis, and more new traditions of magic
  • Magical places, relics, new creatures and more!

An essential addition to the Shadow of the Demon Lord line of products, the Demon Lord's Companion is bound to take your games into darker and stranger places!

What's included

This module includes several compendium packages, in which you will find the following, as contained in the core book:

  • Ancestries
  • Creatures and Vehicles
  • Features
  • Items
  • Paths
  • Spells
  • Talents

Active effects have been included where supported by the system (specifically features, spells and talents). Official art has been used where available. The book is also included as a journal entry, and it includes references and links to the items where available.

Vehicle sheet combat tab Vehicle sheet reference tab Ancestry sheet Creature sheet combat tab Journal Path

Some other stuff

  • This module requires the Shadow of the Demon Lord system available here for free.
  • You can find the changelog here.
  • Join us on Discord for questions, issues or worship.

Owned by Schwalb Entertainment. Copyright (C) 2023. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Released on 19 May 2023

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