Scene Transitions

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Compatible Core11
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Created3 years ago
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Scene Transitions

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Allows GM to make simple transitions to show players before navigating to new screen. Can be used for narrative effect. Can now be used with macros to create transitionless Transitions. And journal entries can now be used to generate a Transition.






It's always easiest to install modules from the in game add-on browser.

To install this module manually:

  1. Inside the Foundry "Configuration and Setup" screen, click "Add-on Modules"
  2. Click "Install Module"
  3. In the "Manifest URL" field, paste the following url:
  4. Click 'Install' and wait for installation to complete
  5. Don't forget to enable the module in game using the "Manage Module" button


This module uses the libwrapper library like a dependency. It is a hard dependency and it is recommended for the best experience and compatibility with other modules.


This module uses the socketLib library like a dependency. It is a hard dependency and it is recommended for the best experience and compatibility with other modules.


Use the context menu on the navigator or directory to 'Create Transition'

Add background image, text, and configure to your liking and save. When you want to play it, bring up context menu and press 'Play Transition' 

Transition will play and begin preloading scene. Scene will activate underneath transition. 

Use the textbox sourcecode editor to add custom html and override default css.


	sceneID: false, // To play a transition without a scene activation, simple pass `false` as the sceneID in the data object or use the string id of the scene.
	content:"TEST MACRO",
	bgImg:'', // pass any relative or absolute image or video url here.
	bgPos:'center center',
    bgLoop: true, // Only for VIDEO, if true will loop the video
	bgMuted: true, // Only for VIDEO, if true will play the video muted
	fadeIn: 400, //how long to fade in
	delay:5000, //how long for transition to stay up
	fadeOut: 400, //how long to fade out
	audio: "", //path to audio file, NOTE: is not advisable to use this with a video and the property 'bgMuted = false'
	skippable:true, //Allows players to skip transition with a click before delay runs out.
    audioLoop: true, //Loop the audio file ?
	gmHide: true, // hide the transition on other windows logged in as a GM
	gmEndAll: true, // when the GM clicks to end the transition - end for everyone
	showUI: false, // Show the User Interface elements to all players allowing them to interact with character sheets etc
	activateScene: false, // Activate the scene when play the transation ?
	fromSocket: false, // This is usually a application variable for manage socket calls YOU DIDN'T NEED TO TOUCH THIS, MUST BE ALWAYS FALSE.
	users: [], // show the transaction to this list of users ids, NOTE: if 'showMe' is true the current user id is add to the list
}, true ); // show to the triggering user (the one who click to the macro usually the GM)

To play a transition without a scene activation, simple pass false as the sceneID in the data object.

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3 years ago

Love this. Only issue is that I have to find good looking pictures for all the intro-scenes now. 😀

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