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A library to help content creators package up Scenes and Adventures to solve several frustrations when importing Scenes from a module compendium. With Scene Packer the following works:

  • Scene Journal Pins link to the correct Journal.
    • This is the feature that started this module. I was frustrated that I could put a Scene into a compendium with journal pins and then when I imported from a compendium, the journal pin was there, but didn't load anything. This module gives you portable compendium journal pins that link to the original journal entry. The journal links will persist when importing from compendiums.
  • Actor tokens on a Scene link to the correct Actor.
    • The second frustration that prompted this module. Normally you would import a Scene with Actor tokens on it and they look correct, but don't open anything. So you would have to go through and link them all up again manually. This module gives you portable compendium actor tokens on a scene that link to the original actor data automatically.
  • Journals configured for the Scene link correctly.
    • No longer will the Journal dropdown on the Scene configuration screen be empty when importing from a compendium.
  • Playlists configured for the Scene link correctly.
    • No longer will the Playlist dropdown on the Scene configuration screen be empty when importing from a compendium.
  • Imported Journals link correctly to other Journal entries.
    • By using the automatic link fixer, you won't have broken links due to Journals referencing World entities, rather than compendium entities.
  • Quick Encounters work, creating working journal pins that you can double-click on and actors that are linked correctly.
  • You can provide a list of Journals and/or Macros that you want to ensure are imported to the world.


In summary, it makes importing a Scene from a Compendium (via an "adventure module") work as though you build it in your world. You could even use this module as part of a "shared compendium" where you keep linked Journals for use in multiple worlds.

Scene Packer is system agnostic, it doesn't matter whether you're packaging up a D&D5e module, or a Pathfinder one, or an Alien RPG one, Scene Packer doesn't mind.


Where do I start?

I have put together a site to help build your first module (with or without Scene Packer integration). It takes all of the guess work out of creating your first module, and in a lot of cases means that you don't have to do anything in a text-editor. Simply fill in the form and download your ready-to-go module zip file.


There is also a how to tutorial video which you can follow along with:


Asset Report

Scene Packer also contains an Asset Report (accessible via the bundled Macro or by right clicking on a Scene in the sidebar) which details which assets will have broken references when imported into someone else's world.

Asset Report



There are several Journal entries bundled with Scene Packer. In them, you can find references on how to use Scene Packer both as a Content Creator and as a GM.

If you would like some help packing your module, feel free to stop by my Scene Packer discord server and I'll happily help.



There are several Macros included in the Library: Scene Packer compendium entry. Each macro has a comment at the top describing its purpose.


Quick Encounters

Support for packing Scenes with embedded Quick Encounters data was added in v2.2.0 of Scene Packer. There is a Journal Entry bundled in the Scene Packer compendium which describes how to pack these scenes.


Example module use

You can view an example module that showcases Scene Packer's features at



A portion of the code is based on code created by honeybadger and used with permission.


Thanks to Baileywiki for their initial testing and feedback.



Please submit any issues via the Bug Reporter module or via GitHub Issues.


You can contact me on Discord blair#9056 either on the Scene Packer server, or the Foundry VTT server if you have questions, comments, queries, concerns etc.


If you are making money and utilising this module, please consider sending a few dollars my way and/or providing me with the cool adventures and modules you are building :)




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2 years ago

An amazing module for content creation. Scene Packer enables creators to package their projects as modules which are easily imported. It has a clear API and is overall a joy to use! ❤️

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