Salon - Chat UI Suite

Latest version0.1.21
Minimum Core0.6.2
Compatible Core0.7.9
Last updated3 years ago
Created3 years ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
Dependencies Tabbed Chatlog
Project source Project URL

Salon - A Chat-centric UI replacement for FVTT

This module attempts to streamline the roleplaying process in FVTT for text-based roleplayers, by implementing UI changes and bringing some QOL changes for those used to playing their games via Discord or IRC.

Salon - Chat UI Suite Preview Image


Requires tabbed-chatlog and wouldn't be possible without it.


New, Wider Chatlog

  • Divides the chatlog into a popped out frame separate from the sidebar, giving it a display across the top of the FVTT interface.
  • Splits rolls from the chatlog into its own separate scrolling display which can always be found in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
  • Fully draggable and resizeable
  • Cannot be closed, but can be minimized, double-click the top menu to shrink and hide chat!

Salon Instant Messenger

  • If an instant message is sent or received, opens a small private window to log the messages
  • The SIM window allows convenient sending and receiving of messages with the individual that message contains
  • Right click a username in the chatlog to open an instant message window quickly and conveniently, and save typing their username!
  • Does not support 0.7.x multi-user whispering at this time

Significantly reshapes the UI

  • Shifts the scene navigation bar to the bottom of the screen to accommodate the moving of the chat UI.
  • Shrinks the width (slightly) and height (significantly) of the Sidebar in order to provide more screenspace.
  • Allows for the sidebar to be veritically resized by dragging its bottom edge.

Allows Editing of Posted Chat Messages

  • Posted a very descriptive action for a character only to realise you made a grammar error? Simply double-click the message to bring up a simple plain text editor and make the correction you need to make. (Only works if you are the author of the message or the GM, does not work on rolls.)

Shows when others are typing

  • Provides a nice clean notification to indicate when you or your players are actively typing

Integrated support

  • Using MEME to augment chat entry with markdown is highly recommended!
  • Out of the box support for ViNo
  • Because Salon works by moving the original FVTT chat log and its messages, only requires minimal localization for the editor window.


Salon plans to bring a number of additional features to its UI suite for those who run their games entirely through text.

Planned Features

  • A suite of /commands to augment the robust chat features of FVTT
    • /as and /emas support
    • /nick to temporarily change the name all of your posts will appear from
    • /desc to post extended, stylized descriptions
    • /zalgo to generate zalgo text artefacting (for those horror game players out there)
  • Log chat on a per-scene basis to journal entries that automatically update whenever a new post is made to that scene

Known Issues

This module will very likely not play well with:

  • Any other module or system that significantly modifies the UI (results may vary.)


Open. If you feel you can significantly improve this module please by all means do so. I also take suggestions for ways to improve my logic and flow, but given my level of knowledge with JS (spoiler alert: it's bad) I may straight out tell you no.


This code isn't the worst I've written- but like that PC in the corner of your office that still runs Windows 98: it shouldn't work, no one knows why it's working, and the only person who uses it couldn't tell you why they like it.

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