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Quick Send To Chat

Add easy buttons to post things to chat. Quickly cast a spell from a compendium, roll from a table, post the image of an NPC, or attack with a weapon that isn't in your inventory.



This module adds several buttons that do pretty much the same thing: Post/roll something.

Right click (context menu options) are added to:

  • Compendium pack contents
  • Sidebar entries (including in folders) for actors, items, journals, scenes, etc

Header buttons are also added to sheets. The new option is named "💬 To Chat".

When clicking this option, the sheet's contents will be used to post a card in the chat, depending on the exact document type:

  • (dnd5e, pf2e) A spell will be cast.
  • (dnd5e) A weapon will be used, allowing an attack and damage roll
  • (pf2e) An Effect will be posted to the chat, along with an embedded link that can be immediately dragged onto a token.
  • Any other Item will have its name, image, and full description posted.
  • Actors, and Scenes will post the name and the image
  • Journal Entries will show their contents along with an image if one exists.
  • Rollable Tables will have a random item drawn from them. (icon isn't perfect, oh well)
  • Macros will be executed. (icon isn't perfect, oh well)

Hold Ctrl to make the message private ("self" only visibility), just like how many systems already do it.

Hold Shift to send a link to the item, rather than the item itself. This link will be a small clickable button, shown as its own message, with the text being the item's name. Clicking it will open the item sheet (if user has permissions).

See full description at

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