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A module to import information from a user's RWoutput file generated from the Realm Works® campaign/world management tool created by LWD (Lone Wolf Development).

It imports your realm output file (.rwoutput) into multiple journal entries (one entry per RW topic), Actors, Scenes and Playlists.

It can also import your Hero Lab Portfolio file (.por) and create one or more Actors.

Add the link to keep your Foundry up-to-date with all the changes.


Once the module is enabled within your world, on the Compendium tab you will find a new button at the bottom of the panel labelled "Realm Works Import". This button will open up a dialogue window.

Use the "Choose File" dialogue to select the .rwoutput file that you want to import.

Enter the name of the folder which will be created under Actors, Scenes, Journal and Playlists, into which created entities will be placed (default: "Realm Works").

Choose if you want to delete the old contents of the named folders (e.g. on subsequent updates).

Choose if each journal entry should have the incoming and/or outgoing links displayed at the bottom of the journal entry.

Press the IMPORT button at the bottom of the window and wait for the contents to be imported.


A set of journal entries will be created under a top-level folder with the supplied names, arranged into sub-headings based on the Realm Works category.

Any parent topic in the RWoutput file will have a list of children at the end of the page which contains links to the child topics.

A scene will be created for each smart-image in the Realm Works file; including a scene notes link back to the topic's journal entry as well as map pins that link to their corresponding journal entries.

Actors will be created if the game system is set to PF1 (Pathfinder 1st edition), DND5E or SWADE for each herolab portfolio or statblock present in the Realm Works file. If a herolab portfolio is decoded, then the Actor will be set up with the correct ability scores, skill ranks and features (although not all of this will be fully active).

For any RW topic with Audio snippets, a playlist will be created with the name of the topic, and each Audio snippet will be available as separate sounds within the created playlist.


The Realm Works campaign/world management tool is available from

If you like what you see, then all contributions will be gratefully received at Ko-FI or or Paypal, or regular contributions can be set up at Patreon

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