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Monstrosity Menagerie

Latest version1.0.2
Minimum Core11
Compatible Core11
Last updated1 month ago
Created1 month ago
Systems Dnd5e
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Welcome to the Monstrosity Menagerie!

Now Available at DriveThruRPG!



News of a magical menagerie has been spreading far and wide across the region. This menagerie is filled with monstrosities of all types and has caught the ear of many adventurers at local pubs and town halls.

Johan Muttond, a forest gnome Archdruid specializing in monstrosities, has spared no expense with his attraction or his advertisements for it. He's even invited highly respected professors of magical arts and his own noble relatives to visit his menagerie to help spread the word.

These individuals make up the party who have been granted early access to the menagerie in order to give their stamp of approval. But can the corners Johan cut on security and safety measures hold out long enough for everyone to get through the tour in one piece?

What's Included?


This adventure has been updated for Foundry VTT v11 and takes full advantage of the new features in Foundry's Dnd5e 3.0 system such as the Party token, passive perception checks, and roll requests. It also comes with three full-color custom made maps and special lighting effects to help show the failing arcane barriers surrounding the monster paddocks. 


What's Included!

  • Over 25 Actors for the monsters, pre-gen characters, and NPCs.
  • 3 Scenes Fully walled and lit with helpful Map Notes.
  • 5 Journals that contains multiple Journal pages with rules that contain helpful links!
  • Folders to keep everything organized.

You can view and purchase this adventure via DriveThruPRG.


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