Traveller Physics Tools

Latest version0.4.1
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core9
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Provides some chat commands to provide physics tools for Traveller and similar SciFi games. Allows you to calculate starship travel times, derive properties about worlds such as surface gravity, or display orbital details for moons and planets. Information is displayed in the chat window and can be displayed to players or kept private.

Demo Video


Basic Commands


Shows help on what commands are available, and what units can be used. Sizes and densities can be given in metric units, or relative to planets. e.g. 1earth can be used as the radius of the Earth, or its density.

/physics planet <radius> <density> 

Display information about a planet, given its radius and density. There is a system configuration to use diameters rather than radii if that is desired. The tool will provide information such as surface gravity and escape velocity.

/physics thrust <acceleration> <distance>

For a given ship's acceleration and distance to travel, it will tell you how long the journey will take. Assumes accelerating up until the halfway point, then turning around and decelerating towards the destination.

You can use ethrust rather than thrust to use relativistic equations. In which case, the ship's time will also be shown.

/physics lag <distance>

Display the light lag over the given distance. How long it takes to send messages using radio communications.




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