PF2e Ranged Combat

Latest version6.0.2
Minimum Core12
Compatible Core12
Last updated13 hours ago
Created2 years ago
Languages English
Systems Pf2e
Dependencies libWrapper
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Improved automation for ranged combat in the Pathfinder 2e system.

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This is just a short summary of the features in the module. For a full description, please see the module's ReadMe!

Reloading System

  • Macros to handle reloading, applying a "Loaded" effect as a reminder, and with automation for Crossbow Ace and Crossbow Crack Shot.
  • Remove the "Loaded" effect when firing the loaded weapon.
  • (Optional) Prevent firing a reloadable weapon that isn't loaded.

Advanced Reloading System

This optional system overhauls how ammunition is handled.

  • Weapons that use ammunition must have ammunition selected to fire.
  • Reloading tracks what ammunition is loaded into the weapon, and removes the ammunition from your inventory (since it's in the weapon).
  • Repeating weapons must be loaded with a magazine to be fired.
  • Weapons can be unloaded to change ammunition type.

Alchemical Crossbow Support

Introduces a macro to load an alchemical bomb into an alchemical crossbow, and gain the 1d6 bonus damage, including tracking the number of shots fired and length of time after the first shot.

Improved Hunt Prey Support

Macro to handle setting hunted prey (with Crossbow Ace automation), and automate the "Hunted Prey" toggle based on the currently targeted token.

Advanced  Thrown Weapon System

  • Sets bombs and thrown weapon to "worn" when thrown, so another must be drawn.
  • Tracks the number of "dropped" thrown weapons from a stack, and how many are left to throw.


This module is built for the Pathfinder 2e system, which receives regular updates, and some of those updates may occassionally break the functionality of this module. I will do my best to fix issues caused by updates, but this may require losing support for earlier versions of the system.

Also, some parts of this module may require features/functions from the latest release of the Pathfinder 2e system.

In summary, each release of this module only officially supports the latest release of the Pathfinder 2e system at the time of release, which will be listed in the Changelog. If you encounter an issue, please make sure you're using the latest system version. If the issue persists on the most recent version, please report it!

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