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Adds a party inventory sheet and party inventory management controls to the character sheet. Allows writing down descriptive/story-based loot on a scratchpad in the party inventory sheet before distribution to the actual character inventories.

Supports Tidy5e.


Quest/story-based items all players need to remember and see are hard to track and when tracked separately don't work as part of the character sheet, don't incur encumbrance etc. This mod attempts to remedy that situation.

The party inventory list displays all items individual characters carry that have been flagged as being visible in the party inventory, while simultaneously functioning in all other aspects as stuff the character is carrying. The description of the items can be accessed and the current owner of the item is displayed.

When the DM hands out loot, not all of the items qualify as standard gear from the rule books. For this purpose, the party inventory sheet features a scratchpad where any player can write down items, giving them a name and a description and selecting the type of item from a drop-down. This is convenient, because the type of an item can't be easily changed once it's on the character sheet. The item can then be given to a character using drag and drop from the scratch pad, similar to how items are added from the compendiums.


The party inventory sheet can be accessed through a header button on the character sheet or a button in the token layer scene controls.

Any item on a character sheet can be toggled to be visible in the party inventory. Only items owned by a character with a player owner are listed.

  • For the default dnd5e character sheet: Using the group icon close to the "Equip item" toggle button
  • For Tidy 5e: Using the item context menu


Use the add new scratchpad item button to create items.

Each item can be given

  • a name
  • a description
  • a type
  • an icon, if the Icon Picker module is installed

Drag an item from the scratchpad onto a character sheet to actually create the item. Because most of the scratchpad is input fields, try to drag from or below the icon. When the item is added to a character's inventory, it is removed from the scratchpad.

Items can also be dragged onto the scratchpad from a compendium, from the world item list or from a character sheet. This can be used by the DM to award loot to the party as a whole or by single players to hand out something to be picked up by someone else without agreeing who the recipient is beforehand.

Item quantities

There is no separate field for quantities, but they can be given by adding a number to the beginning of the name or in parentheses to the end of the name, i.e. "10 Dingus" or "Dingus (10)". When dropped onto a character, the quantity will be applied to the actual final item. When a quantity above one is given, the entry can also be split into two equally sized entries.


Coins handed out to the party can be tracked at the bottom of the inventory sheet. There are buttons for

  • An individual player taking a given amount of currency for their character
  • Distributing all the coins evenly among all player owned characters


Technically, modifying the scratchpad requires message passing to a Gamemaster user and will not work unless a GM is logged in. In practice, you'd only run into this situation on a remotely hosted always-on server. Nothing will break, but you'll have to wait for the GM to log on if you want to use the scratchpad.

Recommended complimentary modules

  • Tidy 5e sheet for nice and tidy character sheets
  • Give Item by Sepichat for exchanging items between characters
  • Icon Picker for allowing players to pick icons for items
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