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Oronder provides deep Discord integration for Foundry Virtual Tabletop. Access your character sheets, roll for downtime activities, schedule sessions and reward exp directly from Discord. No struggling with Foundry from your phone. No need for Foundry to be actively running.

Oronder is designed to meet the needs of running a complex Westmarches game with multiple DMs and players, but also shines for single party campaigns.

Installation Instructions

The following must be done by the owner of the Discord server you'd like to integrate with.

  1. Subscribe to the Oronder Discord to gain access to advanced features and support.
  2. Install and enable the Oronder Foundry Module.
  3. From your Foundry instance, select Game Settings > Configure Settings > Oronder > Configure Oronder.
    1. Click the button to invite Oronder's App to your Discord Server.
      • A popup will ask you to select the server and verify permissions. Opera GX users or others with non-standard popup blockers may need to follow the instructions here.
    2. Associate Foundry Users to their associated Discord User.
      • Oronder will automatically assign matching names, but the rest are up to you.
    3. Configure Channels. Leaving them all set to #general is ok.
      • NOTE: If you configure Oronder to use private channels, you must invite Oronder to those channels!
    4. Click Save Changes.

Players should now be able to access characters they own in Foundry from Discord. If a PC is not showing up, ensure that player ownership has been assigned and that the character has a class, race and background.

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