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Name Generator (System Agnostic)

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A tool designed for the fast creation of characters. Focused on name and portrait generation.

A lightweight version of the famous NPC Generator for 5e, this version doesnt populate statblocks but it's system agnostic, intended for use in all other systems.


How to Use

Generating new Characters 🦱

The primary way to open the application is through the Create Character button on the Actor's Directory Tab, on the sidebar.

button application

Reskining a Character 🧑‍🦱

You can also reskin a generic character, changing its name and/or portrait. Optionally, you can set for it to update all found names inside the character data and embedded items.

reskin reskin-application

Portraits 🖼

To configure portrait generation you need to create a folder like the one found in name-generator/imgs/portraits. From there, enter the module configuration and select the folder in the Portrait Directory setting.

All images inserted into the directory with the correct format will be available as a portrait to be randomly generated.

Image Name Format

All images in the directory should have their names formatted as the examples in the imgs/portraits folder, the module uses their names as tags for matching pictures, following the rules:

  • All names should be in lower-case;
  • An underline (_) act as a separator for different tags, you can have as many tags as you want for any picture and might use spaces as well;
  • The tags from the entire folder becomes individual filters as well, so adding a new tag to any image also adds a new filter;
  • If no match is found for the applied filters, no image is returned;
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