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Mythic GME Tools provides everything needed for playing Mythic GM Emulator with any RPG System in Foundry VTT.

Created by: JeansenVaars



This module was made for free, with love, hard work and tons of coffee!

Table of Contents

  1. Word Mill Games - License
  2. How to play
  3. Features
    1. Overview
    2. Macros
      1. GM Emulator Blue Book
      2. Variations 1 Orange Book
      3. Variations 2 Green Book
      4. The Crafter Series
    3. Mythic Play Journals
    4. The Oracle Builder
    5. Rolling your own Tables
    6. Chat and Exporting
    7. Customizing your playstyle
    8. Saved Progress
    9. Configurable Settings
    10. Card Decks
  4. Tips and Tricks and Modules
  5. Author
  6. License

Word Mill Games

Mythic GM Emulator Rulebook is REQUIRED to use and understand this content. Variations 1 and 2 books are needed for the optional rules!.

All attributions belong to Word Mill Games and this module is redistributed with appropriate permission from author Tana Pigeon - And may NOT be REDISTRIBUTED FURTHER without CONSENT

Get Mythic GME Book

Other fantastic Word Mill Games material

Early Special Appreciations!

  • Tana Pigeon for authorizing the distribution of this module, based on the wonderful Mythic Books
  • stargolum for DECKs support, feature loved by the community who plays with GMA cards
  • KarstenW for providing German Translations to the UI
  • FoundryVTT Discord, Die Gießerei and Mythic Discord communities for supporting with my terrible coding skills and crazy ideas
  • All users who say thanks and the ones who secretly play without letting me know :D

How to play

This modules provides all mythic rules in the form of Macros. You can use them in whatever RPG system you like in any world.

In Foundry, enable the module, and then go to the Compendiums tab, you are going to see many compendiums starting with the word Mythic. For starters, the most basic one is Mythic GME Macros, but feel free to explore the others, the more you are familiar with Mythic rules.

Once you open the Compendium, you'll see many Macros like Fate Chart or Scene Alteration. Simply drag and drop them to your Macro Hotbar at the bottom of the screen. Then, just click on it and play! Organize macros that you use frequently for your type of play. This is how my Macro hotbar looks like:





  • One-Click Macros for Mythic GME basic components: Fate Charts, Scene Alteration, Events and Chaos Level
  • Mythic Variations #1 Macros for Complex Questions and Backstory Generation plus selectable themed focus tables
  • Mythic Variations #2 Macros for Event Checks, Detail and Action questions, Behavior checks and Statistic Checks!
  • Saves progress for Chaos Level, Behavior Disposition, Statistic Checks
  • Customize all Roll Tables and the Macros will automatically use them!
  • Built-in Support for Dice so Nice! taking 3D dice to a flavor-narrative oriented experience
  • All Actions translate into the chat for keeping a history of your game. This may also be exported to a Journal.

Other modules of mine


This module is developed by me (Saif Ellafi - JeansenVaars) independently, and I hold no business relationship with Word Mill Games. I (Saif Ellafi / @JeansenVaars) was given PERMISSION by Tana Pigeon to distribute this package UNDER STRICT CONSENT of non-commercial distribution within Foundry VTT only.

However you can still Invite me to a Coffee :) if you enjoy my work!

By JeansenVaars




Thanks to spacegiant (GitHub username) - We can enjoy a set of Macros destined to use Mythic Cards Deck as well as The GameMaster's Apprentice.

The decks ARE NOT INCLUDED, thus must be purchased separately: Mythic GME Deck and TAC


Special thanks to the Community at the Discord Channel from Mythic Game Master Emulator for the support

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