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Mythic GME Tools for FoundryVTT

Mythic GME Tools provides everything needed for playing Solo and GM-Less games with Mythic GM Emulator and other GM Emulators with any RPG System in Foundry VTT.

Mythic rulesets: Mythic (Blue Book), Mythic Variations 1, Mythic Variations 2, Mythic 2nd Edition

Other rulesets: Game Apprentice Cards, The Adventure Crafter Cards, Plot Unfolding Machine, Game Unfolding Machine, Tricube Tales Countdown Cards

Created by: JeansenVaars



This module was made for free, with love, hard work and tons of coffee!

Table of Contents

  1. How to play
  2. Features
    1. Overview
    2. Mythic GME Tools Panel
    3. Mythic GM Emulator Rulesets
      1. GM Emulator 2nd Edition
      2. GM Emulator Blue Book
      3. Variations 1 Orange Book
      4. Variations 2 Green Book
      5. Adventure Crafter Cards
    4. Other GM Emulator Rulesets
      1. The GameMaster's Apprentice
      2. Plot Unfolding Machine
      3. Game Unfolding Machine
      4. Tricube Tales Countdown Cards
    5. The Oracle Builder
    6. Rolling your own Tables
    7. Chat and Exporting
    8. Customizing your Playstyle
    9. Saved Progress
    10. Card Decks
  3. Tips and Tricks
  4. Author
  5. License

Word Mill Games

Mythic GM Emulator Rulebook is REQUIRED to understand this material. Variations 1 and 2 are needed as well, respectively for their mechanics.

Mythic Game Master Emulator is property of Word Mill Games and this module is distributed with permission of author Tana Pigeon.

May not be commercially redistributed. Offered for free (Donations permitted and welcome to the author of this module).

Get Mythic GME Books

Larcenous Designs

GameMaster's Apprentice Cards are REQUIRED to be able to play with the GMA Panel.

GameMaster's Apprentice Cards are property of Larcenous Designs and this module does not distribute the cards themselves of author Nathan Rockwood

Get GMA Cards

Special Appreciations!

  • Tana Pigeon for authorizing the distribution of this module, based on the wonderful Mythic Books
  • Nathan Rockwood for the support to handle GameMaster's Apprentice cards
  • stargolum for DECKs support to play with Mythic and GMA Cards, as well for the positive feedback and panels UI
  • KarstenW for providing German Translations
  • FoundryVTT Discord, Die Gießerei and Mythic Discord communities for supporting with my terrible coding skills and crazy ideas
  • The SOLO Roleplaying community in general!
  • Everyone who appreciates and enjoys this material

How to play

Starting from 2.5.0+, Mythic GME Tools automatically opens a panel with all mechanics ready to be played from the get-go. No setup required.


This modules provides all mythic rules in the form of Macros. You can use them in whatever RPG system you like in any world.

To manually import Macros, enable the module, and then go to the Compendiums tab, you are going to see many compendiums starting with the word Mythic. For starters, the most basic one is Mythic GME Macros. Simply drag and drop them to your Macro Hotbar at the bottom of the screen. Then, just click on them and play!


Video example




  • One-Click Macros for multiple GM Emulator rulesets: Mythic GM Emulator, GameMaster's Apprentice, Plot Unfolding Machine, and more
  • Saves Mythic's progress for Chaos Level, Behavior Disposition, Statistic Checks
  • Customize roll tables, focus tables, and much more to set up your favorite GM-Less experience
  • Built-in Support for **Dice so Nice!** taking 3D dice to a flavor-narrative oriented experience
  • All Actions translate into the chat for keeping a **history of your game**. This may also be exported to a Journal.
  • Everything is configurable through Mythic GME Tools module settings (such as Focus Tables, and more)
  • Support for non-Mythic solo games too (Such as my Plot Unfolding Machine and Tricube Tales Countdown cards)



Recommended companion modules

This is an opinionated list of other Foundry VTT modules that may improve your experience and play well together with Mythic GME Tools and Solo in General

  • Dice so Nice - Adds 3D Dice. Mythic GME Tools makes use of them improving the dice rolling experience
  • Sidebar Resizer and Chat Editor - Make the Chat bigger and add styles in real time
  • Roll Tables from Sidebar - Roll tables faster without having to open them
  • Drag Anything to Hotbar - Drag & Drop characters, journal entries and roll tables, to have handy
  • PDFoundry - Not only it enables PDF journal entries, but also works with form-fillable PDFs!
  • Quick Insert - Find things quickly and insert them in the chat or in a journal as a link
  • Dice Tray - For quick dice rolling, adds above the chat a bar of multiple dice types, handy.
  • Chat Portrait - If you play with actors that have token images, this will show such portraits in the chat

Other modules of mine


This module is developed by me (Saif Ellafi - JeansenVaars) independently, and I hold no business relationship with Word Mill Games. I (Saif Ellafi / @JeansenVaars) was given PERMISSION by Tana Pigeon to distribute this package UNDER STRICT CONSENT of non-commercial distribution within Foundry VTT only.

However you can still Invite me to a Coffee :) if you enjoy my work!

By JeansenVaars



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