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Mythic GM Emulator is an RPG ruleset designed for unprepared GMs, playing without GM at all, or solo players.

It is a system agnostic module meant to be played together with your favorite RPGs.

Mythic GME Tools provides the Macros and Tables for Playing the Mythic GM Emulator series in Foundry VTT.

Created by: JeansenVaars



This module was made for free, with love, hard work and tons of coffee!

Early Special Appreciations!

  • Tana Pigeon for authorizing the distribution of this module, based on the wonderful Mythic Books
  • stargolum for DECKs support, feature loved by the community who plays with GMA cards
  • KarstenW for providing German Translations to the UI
  • FoundryVTT Discord, Die Gießerei and Mythic Discord communities for supporting with my terrible coding skills and crazy ideas
  • All users who say thanks and the ones who secretly play without letting me know :D

Table of Contents

  1. Word Mill Games - License
  2. Features
    1. Overview
    2. Macros
      1. GM Emulator Blue Book
      2. Variations 1 Orange Book
      3. Variations 2 Green Book
      4. The Crafter Series
    3. The Oracle Builder
    4. Rolling your own Tables
    5. Chat and Exporting
    6. Customizing your playstyle
    7. Saved Progress
    8. Configurable Settings
    9. Card Decks
  3. Tips and Tricks and Modules
  4. Author
  5. License

Word Mill Games

Mythic GM Emulator Rulebook is REQUIRED to use and understand this content. Variations 1 and 2 books are needed for the optional rules!.

All attributions belong to Word Mill Games and this module is redistributed with appropriate permission from author Tana Pigeon - And may NOT be REDISTRIBUTED FURTHER without CONSENT

Get Mythic GME Book

Other fantastic Word Mill Games material



  • One-Click Macros for Mythic GME basic components: Fate Charts, Scene Alteration, Events and Chaos Level
  • Mythic Variations #1 Macros for Complex Questions and Backstory Generation plus selectable themed focus tables
  • Mythic Variations #2 Macros for Event Checks, Detail and Action questions, Behavior checks and Statistic Checks!
  • Saves progress for Chaos Level, Behavior Disposition, Statistic Checks
  • Customize all Roll Tables and the Macros will automatically use them!
  • Built-in Support for Dice so Nice! taking 3D dice to a flavor-narrative oriented experience
  • All Actions translate into the chat for keeping a history of your game. This may also be exported to a Journal.


These macros provide complex functionalities summarized in a one-click event. Most of them bring up a Dialog in which the player customizes or elaborates the event.

Selecting a Token will cause the Macros to interact with a Foundry VTT actor, speak on his behalf or even sometimes use its information for better flavor!

GM Emulator Blue Book

  • Fate Chart: Rolls on the Fate Chart. Triggers Random Events when appropriate.
  • Random Event: Generates a random event.
  • Scene Alteration: Checks if the proposed event is still valid. Rolls Random Events when appropriate.
  • Increase Chaos Rank
  • Decrease Chaos Rank
  • Check Chaos Rank


Variations 1 Orange Book

  • Complex Questions
  • Backstory Generator


Variations 2 Green Book

  • Fate Check
  • Event Check
  • Detail Check
  • Description Question
  • Action Question
  • Behavior Check - Advanced: This Macro stores disposition information within Tokens!
  • Statistic Check - Advanced: This Macro stores the last used Attributes in your game!


The Crafter Series

Macros for the Randomized Locations Crafter, inspired in the Mythic Magazine 2 are available to be used. You can track Progress Points and use any of your own tables to follow the logic described by either The Location Crafter or The Randomized Version from the Magazine.

TABLES NOT INCLUDED: As a Matter of Principle, I prefer not to include the crafter tables, as the crafter series are already beyond the original scope of the module :)

Creating the random tables by yourself is relatively straight forward, use Nested tables to achieve the Special and Random Results, and even the Known if you have your own Random Tables!

Check my video to learn how to very fast ingest tables into Foundry:



The Oracle Builder

Create your own Oracles with Random Tables, supporting multiple draws per tables and flavor dialogues Oracle Builder

Rolling your own tables

Either from Foundry Random Tables or Tables you have outside (printed, or in a PDF, etc), these macros will help you stay sharp and consistent!

Flavored Roll Table

Keep chat consistency by rolling from a Random Table normally with a question (flavor) in mind


External Roll Table

Keep chat and overall consistency by rolling tables outside your game as if they belonged here!


External Table

Chat and Exporting

General Features

  • Every Mythic check in Mythic GME Tools produces a flavored, self-explanatory chat message.
  • A setting Automatic Adventure Logging (default: disabled) exports all oracle checks to a journal entry.
  • Resize sidebar for a bigger chat place with Sidebar Resizer
  • A macro Export Chat to Journal allows dumping the current chat into a Journal Entry with a single click.
  • Rolling dice with Dice so Nice! module enabled will flavor and slowly produce results as the 3D dice give away their outcomes.

This will help keep track of your emulator's guidance and your game!


Formatted Message - Send message to the chat with flavor, color and style

Keep your game chat log clear and consistent, add headers, subtitles, and more


Exporting your game

Export current Chat to Journal - Either for backup or for history tracking. You can do this in two ways:

  • By using the Macro to export current Chat to a Journal Entry
  • By enabling Auto-Logging setting that automatically puts all your chat in a daily journal


Customizing your playstyle

All Tables that are necessary to execute the aforementioned macros are included and may also be used independently.

Macros use Roll Tables. Going to Module Settings lets you choose which tables are being used. Table names must begin with Mythic in order to be eligible. By default, Macros pick up Tables by their name, so also importing the Tables from the Compendium and making modifications on them, will automatically apply to the Macros looking for them. Try to keep the same format of the tables to avoid issues. Delete imported tables to revert Macros to use the original ones.

Saved Progress

  • Chaos Rank: When changing Chaos Rank, the value will be saved and reused across all functions
  • Behavior Actor Disposition: Tokens and Actors on which Behavior Check was used, will save their information in your game. Running Behavior Checks on the same tokens will bring up their current disposition data!
  • Statistic Checks Macro will store the last utilized Attributes for more convenience playthrough!

Configurable Settings

  • Minimum and Maximum Chaos Rank is configurable
  • Custom color for Chaos Die in Variations #2
  • Optional setting rules from Variations #1 and #2
  • Globally select Focus, subject, action and descriptor tables for all Macros (i.e. for a Variations #1 Theme)
  • Automatic logging into Journal Entries
  • Configure different levels of speed and tension when interacting with 3D Dice (Dice so Nice!)

Card Decks

NOTE - Deck Images are not included and can be purchased from DriveThruRPG or similar outlets.


  • Includes presets for GME Deck, TAC Deck and the GMA Decks
  • Configure your Deck folder for the Macros to be able to pull them into the game (See instructions below)
  • Optionally rotate cards feature (Mythic and TAC need this) - Note: Must be changed within the Macro Script
  • Toggle shuffle off if required - Note: Must be changed within the Macro Script
  • Set image file type to match your card image files. - Note: Must be changed within the Macro Script

How to use

  1. Install and Enable Mythic GME Tools in FoundryVTT
  2. Enter any game (This module is system agnostic!)
  3. Go to Compendiums, right click on Mythic GME Macros, Import All Content
  4. Roll Tables can be used either directly from the Compendium, or imported along your other Roll Tables
  5. [Optional] Using Decks (Cards not included) - Thank you stargolum/spacegiant) !!!
    1. Get a copy of cards Mythic GME Cards or TAC Cards (check the macro list for a precise list of supported decks)
    2. Download the ZIP files of the decks you want to use
    3. Go to the folder "Data" from Foundry. This is where you have folders like modules, systems and worlds.
    4. Create a folder called decks exactly there along these other folders.
    5. Go inside the decks folder you just created and put the purchased .ZIP file there
    6. Right-click on the ZIP and press "Extract Here". Leave everything as is, make sure no folder names are duplicated when you extract it.
    7. Import mythic deck Macros for your preset game (or use these as guidance)
    8. If everything works, you can delete the zip file from there. It is not needed.
  6. Say thanks if you like this :)

Things to Know and Modules

Playing without a GM, Solo or story telling in Foundry requires some practice. The following tips might boost your learning process.

Learn to use Foundry's Chat

Try this on the chat:

Plot Point 1: [[1d100]]
Plot Point 2: [[1d100]]
<b>Plot Point 3:</b> [[1d100]]
Plot Point 4: [[1d100]]
Plot Point 5: [[1d100]]

The dice formula within double brackets on each side will roll for you the dice and print it alongside the rest of the text. With Shift+Enter you can insert new lines on the same chat dialogue. The <b>text</b> styling format will give you a bold text! Check out some other basic tags like <em>...</em> for italic format or <h2>...</h2> for subtitles. Check for more tags here

Install Inline Table Rolls module

With Inline Table Rolls module, you can do the same of the above, but including drawing from random tables, look:

Plot Point 1: [[1d100]] - Theme: [[#Plotline Theme]]
Plot Point 2: [[1d100]] - Theme: [[#Plotline Theme]]
Plot Point 3: [[1d100]] - Theme: <b>[[#Plotline Theme]]</b>
Plot Point 4: [[1d100]] - Theme: [[#Plotline Theme]]
Plot Point 5: [[1d100]] - Theme: [[#Plotline Theme]]

Recommended companion modules

This is an opinionated list of other Foundry VTT modules that may improve your experience and play well together with Mythic GME Tools and Solo in General

  • Dice so Nice - Adds 3D Dice. Mythic GME Tools makes use of them improving the dice rolling experience
  • Sidebar Resizer and Chat Editor - Make the Chat bigger and add styles in real time
  • Drag Anything to Hotbar - Drag & Drop characters, journal entries and roll tables, to have handy
  • PDFoundry - Not only it enables PDF journal entries, but also works with form-fillable PDFs!
  • Inline Table Rolls - Allows for rolling on random tables within chat messages just like dice [[#Table Name]]
  • Quick Insert - Find things quickly and insert them in the chat or in a journal as a link
  • Terrain Randomizer - If you are into Solo tools in general, this one is for generating area layouts
  • Dice Tray - For quick dice rolling, adds above the chat a bar of multiple dice types, handy.
  • EasyTable - If you have random tables in text format or got Regex skills, quickly load random tables into Foundry
  • Chat Portrait - If you play with actors that have token images, this will show such portraits in the chat

Other modules of mine



This module is developed by me (Saif Ellafi - JeansenVaars) independently, and I hold no business relationship with Word Mill Games. I (Saif Ellafi / @JeansenVaars) was given PERMISSION by Tana Pigeon to distribute this package UNDER STRICT CONSENT of non-commercial distribution within Foundry VTT only.

However you can still Invite me to a Coffee :) if you enjoy my work!

By JeansenVaars




Thanks to spacegiant (GitHub username) - We can enjoy a set of Macros destined to use Mythic Cards Deck as well as The GameMaster's Apprentice.

The decks ARE NOT INCLUDED, thus must be purchased separately: Mythic GME Deck and TAC


Special thanks to the Community at the Discord Channel from Mythic Game Master Emulator for the support

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Thanks to JetBrains I can work on this project using WebStorm.


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