Music Permissions

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Music Permissions

Enables global and per-playlist permission configuration.


Each playlist may have permissions configured the same as actors/journals:

  • none: These players will be unable to see the playlist
  • limited: By default, these players will be able to see the playlist, but not the songs within.
  • observer: By default, these players will be able to see the songs within a playlist and play/stop the playlist.
  • owner: These players can play/stop/edit the playlist and create/edit new playlists and folders.


Via module settings, you can configure a minium role to be able to:

  • Playback: Players of at least this role can control playback of playlists that they are observers of.
  • Edit: Players of at least this role can modify the contents of playlists they own, configure them, and create new playlists/folders.
  • Minimum control permission: Users with a playback-enabled role may control playback in playlists with at least this permission on.
  • Limited viewers can see songs?: Controls if limited-permissions allows a player to see the playlist name only, or also the songs within.


Most actions by a player require a GM to be active.


Experimental API

It's currently very experimental, but there is now a set of API calls that can be made to make local-only changes to sound playback. IE different people can be listening to different sources.

Check out the github README for more info - this page will be updated once the API is no longer experimental.

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