Monk's Wall Enhancement

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Monk's Wall Enhancement

Improvements to the Core Wall functionality, by adding the option to drag points together, double-click to split a wall, join points together, and free hand drawing of a wall


Drag Wall points together

When selected, dragging a wall point to a new location will also move any other wall points that exactly overlapped the first one.  So instead of having to move both wall points to the new location it will maintain the connection between wall joints and move the second one.  Saves me some time when editing lengths of wall.

Double-click to create a new drag point

If you want to split a wall into two parts, enabling this, then double-clicking somewhere along the line will split it into two parts.

Join points

While having some wall segments selected, it will go through the points and find ones that are close to each other, and match them up.  If you have snap to grid on it won't join points, to use this feature you need to be holding down the shift key.

Free hand wall drawing

Toggle this setting on and when you draw a wall you can draw it like you would a line.  When you release the button, it will try and find the most economical use of line segments to create the wall.  This is great for cave walls, you can draw along the edge of the cavern image and have a very reasonable approximation, the same for walls that are circular.

Toggle Secret Door

Holding down the CTRL key while Right Clicking a door will toggle it from being a secret door to a regular door.

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