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Mobile-Companion is designed for in-person gaming sessions, catering to players who prefer not to micromanage their inventory. This module provides a streamlined, clean user interface that displays all relevant information for items, and will soon include spells and other features. With Mobile-Companion, players will never need to look up items in the rulebook again.  


NOTE: It is still in early alpha


Wait!.. Isn't that what Sheet-Only should be used for?

Well... no. Sheet-Only is intended to provide the whole character sheet and developed quite fast to a semi-interactive experience where player can do things to in-game token.

Furthermore, Sheet-Only uses the system's own character sheet implementation (and modifies it if necessary) and therefore is quite system-agnostic. Mobile-Companion on the other hand only uses the underlying data model and foundry functions, but the UI is made from scratch. Therefore, Mobile-Companion is not system agnostic.

Also, system sheets do not provide all the data necessary for in-person sessions. Most of them don't show the roll formula. Mobile-Companion adds all the information a player needs.

And last but not least: Mobile-Companion is intended to work on smaller displays like smartphones!





  1. Enable the module
  2. Go to game settings and add the users who want to use Mobile-Companion. You can enter a number in the field to only activate that user's Mobile-Companion when the screen size is smaller than the entered value (Leave it at 0 to always activate Mobile-Companion for that user).
  3. Make sure the user is the owner of an actor


Supported Systems

Currently, I am working on DND5e and A5e. When this is done I probably go to Pf2e. Additional systems will follow.


Future plans

I will at least do the aforementioned systems as well as adding spells. If everything goes smoothly I'll also add additional information, useful to the players like feats, combat maneuvers etc. Also, I want to add currency and encumbrance.

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