(0.6.6 only) Minor QOL

Latest version0.1.77
Minimum Core0.5.5
Compatible Core0.7.0
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Languages 日本語
Português (Brasil)
Systems Dnd5e
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Latest version REQUIRES dnd 0.9.5 and will NOT work with earlier versions.

Minor-qol End Of Life. With midi-qol getting more stable I am no longer actively developing minor-qol. I will do bug fix/compativility fixes up until 0.7.x is released, but no new features will be added. I encourage you to try midi-qol and let me know what must have features are missing from midi-qol to make the transition easier.

If you are having issues with self targeting of potions/dynamiceffects etc please upgrade to the latest version. A lot of work wen into self targeting in version 0.1.45.
If you use animated token please upgrade as they are now supported in the chat cards.

When you upgrade to 0.1.38 you will see a warning in the console about needing a later version of LMRTFY. DON'T PANIC, minor-qol has support for a recently released LMRTFY version which provides additional functionality for player rolled saving throws. This message just lets you know that version is not installed. Everything will continue to operate without that new version.

If you are using the cozy player module and enable "clear targets on attach" minor-qols auto checking will fail to operate. (When it checks it thinks you have nothing targeted)

If you are using popout and rolling from the popped out window, popout does not set game.user.targets, so it will behave as if you have nothing targeted.


Please read the it does have information about how to use the module and might make your life more pleasant.


Minor-qol works with better rolls in single and dual roll mode. This is an alpha release so there will be bugs.

  • To use minor-qol with better rolls you should disable "speed rolls" and "add item sheet buttons" in minor-qol.
  • You will need to set better rolls to only roll a single dice for attack rolls or it will break/not work.
  • All of the other minor-qol flags flags are supposed to work, auto-check hits, saves, apply damage etc.
  • Damage immunities/resitance should work, but do check.
  • Auto application of dynamiceffects effects is supported (disable via the minor-qol flag if you don't want that).
  • When you find bugs, please try and give as much information as you can to help me work out what is going on.

    Minor Qol automates some of the elements of running a combat for you game. You can, with the right settings, have complete target/attack/damage/save/apply damage with a single click
    • minor-qol uses standard chat cards where they exist. You can choose almost any combination of the following flags to get the behaviour you want.
    • Auto Target. When a template is drawn all tokens inside the template are targeted. (mainly useful for area effect spells). Optionally walls between the base/centre of the template block targetting.
    • Auto Target ranged spells. Items with a range and target type of creature/enemy/ally will be auto targeted when the spell is cast.
    • Auto check hits. When an attack roll is made each targeted token is checked to see if it is hit and a chat card displayed.
    • Auto check saves. When damage is rolled for anything that requies a save all targeted tokens are checked to see if they save and a chat card displayed. Spells that do no damage on save are supported.
    • Auto roll damage. When an attack roll is made (or a spell that causes damage is cast) roll the damage for the attack/spell. If no tokens are selected damge is rolled anyway. The mdoule will roll critical damage if the roll that triggered it it was a critical. If the roll was a fumble no damage is rolled.
    • Auto apply damage. When damage is rolled it is automatically applied to target tokens. However the previous state is remembered. So if auto check hits is enabled only targets that were hit by the attack take damage. If Auto check saves is enabled the saving throw reduces the damage taken. (minor-qol knows most of the spells that cause no damage on save). Optionally take into account damage immunities when applying damage.
    • Use damage immunities takes into account each of the damge types in the damage roll, so 2d6 +5 (slashing) + 1d8 (radiant) + 1d4 bless will be treated as (2d6+5+1d4 slashing) + (1d8 radiant) and damage immunities applied per damage component. This happens for both auto damage and chat damage buttons.
    • Add chat damage buttons. When enabled each chat damage card has apply damage buttons attached. Damage immunities are applied (if enabled) but saves are not so you need to deal with this as GM. Damage buttons apply to the selected token (not targeted). 
    • Speed item rolls. When enabled the item icon on the character sheet will skip the standard roll chat card and roll the attack/cast the spell immediately. The rest of the flags determine how much else is rolled. (AutoRollDamage is a good choice when this is enabled


In addition there are some utility functions:

  • item delete check will provide a "Do you really want to delete this item" when deleting from the inventory.
  • Since minor-qol can create "many" chat cards there is the option to color each chat card with the color of the user that created it.
  • DM sees all whispered chat cards. If set to true any whispered message will be displayed on the GMs chat log.

Change Log

日本語 - Thanks to @BrotherSharp
kr - Thanks to @KLO
中文 - Thanks to @Chivell

fr - Thanks to @jyah

pt-BR Thanks to Renato Innocenti


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