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Latest version1.0.10
Minimum Core0.8.9
Compatible Core0.8.9
Last updated6 days ago
Created7 months ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
Dependencies lib - ColorSettings
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Minimal UI for FoundryVTT

Configurable UI module, allows the user to hide, collapse or auto-hide components separately. This includes hiding Foundry's Logo, Players List, Scene Navigation and Macro Bar.

Special Minimal UI Features

Dynamic Mode (Default: OFF)

  • Auto-Hides UI elements after Chat inactivity or when switching scenes.

Note: Since Foundry 0.8.x this feature will be no longer available 

Organized Minimize

  • Minimize Windows to a horizontal taskbar, also may include maximize and window pin button.

Note: Now located on its own module Window Controls:

Foundry Logo

  • Custom logo image can be provided
  • Foundry Logo may be hidden or resized
  • Can be made clickable to toggle show/hide HUD (Including chat or not)

 Player List

  • Players list may be hidden completely, shown on mouse over or shown normally
  • Small or standard sizes available

Right Side Panel

  • May be collapsed by default
  • Use with Dynamic Mode for a pseudo auto-hide experience

Scene Navigation

  • Allows Hiding or having the scene navigation collapsed by default
  • Preview scenes when moving your mouse over the scenes

Note: Scene Navigation Preview is now on a separate module, look for Scene Preview:

Macro Hotbar

  • Macro Bar may be hidden, collapsed, auto-hidden (default) or shown
  • Macro Bar may be customized to 3 slots, 6 or default 10
  • Macro Bar may be repositioned along the X-Axis

Left Side Control Buttons

  • Left controls may be collapsed into a single column (or not)
  • May be shown normally or auto-hide mode on mouse over
  • Left controls may be standard or small size
  • Left controls may be repositioned along the Y-Axis

Camera/Audio Controls

  • Allows hiding player camera boxes, showing only GMs


  • Default settings target a balance between gaining space and functionality
  • Colors of borders and shadows and their strength customizable across all Foundry VTT
  • Check the settings to customize your experience!

By JeansenVaars

Support this module and my work on Ko-Fi!:

Support with Systems and Modules

MinimalUI is made as agnostic as possible. Yet, it is impossible to ensure maximum compatibility. I invite you to share any systems or modules that conflict with MinimalUI or do not look correctly. Also do share systems and modules Minimal UI already works with too!

Build from Source

Plugins: `rollup`, `rollup-plugin-css-porter`, `npm-build-zip`

Build Script: `npm run build`


  • Thanks to colorsettings by ardittristan: Minimal UI has a color picker!
  • Thanks to libWrapper by ruipin: Minimal UI is less prone to conflicts!
  • Thanks to vance in the FoundryVTT Discord: Minimal UI is better written!
  • Thanks to the FoundryVTT Discord community for the amazing issue reports and feedback.

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Thanks to JetBrains I can work on this project using WebStorm.

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3 months ago

Why does this mod require a minimum core of 0.8.3 when it’s not on the Release channel yet? Please don’t require people to use the Beta channel.

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