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Minimum Core10
Compatible Core9
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Created2 years ago
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Systems All systems
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Extremely Configurable UI module, allows the user to hide, collapse or auto-hide components separately.

This includes hiding Foundry's Logo, Players List, Scene Navigation and Macro Bar.

Created by: JeansenVaars - If you like this, invite me a Coffee :)

This module was made for free, with joy, hard work, to be shared with a wonderful community, and tons of Coffee :D!


(Minimal UI + Window Controls)


Compatibility issues?

I work on this module based on my personal preferences, and of course share it with others because I love doing so!

Having said that, I only use a small limited subset of modules myself, and making modules work with others out there takes work, which I am usually honestly not motivated to do. Do consider inviting me a Coffee and let me know which one doesn't work for you, I'll be more inspired afterwards :)

Do track the issue however, it is good that it is not forgotten, or of course feel welcome to submit a pull request that makes it work and I'll happily accept it and give credits.

If you are a Module developer, do consider being Minimal UI Friendly. In terms of colors, this snippet may help you when sharing the colors that Minimal UI settings apply:

if (game.modules.get('minimal-ui')?.active) {
  const rootStyle = document.querySelector(':root').style;
  rootStyle.setProperty('--any1-color-property', game.settings.get('minimal-ui', 'shadowColor'));
  rootStyle.setProperty('--any2-color-property', game.settings.get('minimal-ui', 'borderColor'));


  • Thanks to colorsettings by ardittristan: Minimal UI has a color picker!
  • Thanks to vance in the FoundryVTT Discord: Minimal UI is better written!
  • Thanks to the FoundryVTT Discord community for the amazing issue reports and feedback.
  • Thanks to Merudo for being the first code contributor to Minimal UI as an open source module!
  • Thanks to Greayhead for German Translations
  • Thanks to BrotherSharper for the wonderful Japanese Translations

Special Minimal UI Module Companions

Window Controls

  • Let your windows have Minimize, Maximize, Close and Pin Buttons to finally find that character among the many windows open you have
  • Organize both minimized and open windows in a lean (invisible when not used) window bar Check it out

Scene Preview

  • Take a quick look at your inactive scenes by moving your mouse over the navigation panel Check it out

Sidebar and Chat Resizer

Minimal UI Features

Foundry Logo

  • Custom logo image can be provided
  • Foundry Logo may be hidden or resized
  • Can be made clickable to toggle show/hide HUD (Including chat or not)

Player List

  • Players list may be hidden completely, shown on mouse over or shown normally
  • Small or standard sizes available

Right Side Panel

  • May be collapsed by default
  • Improves User Experience Workflow when using floating windows

Scene Navigation

  • Allows Completely Hiding or having the scene navigation collapsed by default

Macro Hotbar

  • Macro Bar may be hidden, collapsed, auto-hidden (default) or shown
  • Macro Bar may be repositioned along the X-Axis

Left Side Control Buttons

  • May be shown normally, Auto-Hide or Auto-Hide-Plus
  • Left controls buttons may be standard or small size


  • Default settings target a balance between gaining space and functionality
  • Colors of borders and shadows and their strength customizable across all Foundry VTT
  • Define Transparency when moving the mouse over components!
  • Check the settings to customize your experience!

Patches to Foundry

These are bugs in FoundryVTT that are not currently addressed but are more obvious when using Minimal UI

  • When clicking on a sidebar menu that was opened but then closed, clicking on it will open it again instead of doing nothing
  • If a window is minimized, when reopened, it would be maximized instead of doing nothing
  • If a window is open, but behind other windows, it would be brought to the front when reopened, instead doing of nothing

By JeansenVaars



Check out my other modules!

  • Window Controls (Recommended combination!)
  • Scene Preview (Recommended combination!)
  • Super Select

Support with Systems and Modules

MinimalUI is made as agnostic as possible. Yet, it is impossible to ensure maximum compatibility. I invite you to share any systems or modules that conflict with MinimalUI or do not look correctly. Also do share systems and modules Minimal UI already works with too!

Build from Source

Plugins: rollup, rollup-plugin-css-porter, npm-build-zip Build Script: npm run build


MIT License

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Thanks to JetBrains I can work on this project using WebStorm.

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1 year ago

Why does this mod require a minimum core of 0.8.3 when it’s not on the Release channel yet? Please don’t require people to use the Beta channel.

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