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v0.0.12 Added parameters mergeDoors and scale percentage - see the readme.

v0.0.11 Works on the displayed (rather than active) scene.
v0.0.8 added short wall segment removal. The module attempts to leave wall chains still connected when removing segments, but there are probably some edges cases it misses.
v0.0.7 Adds the ability to scale walls.

Select a group of walls and use the mouse wheel with shift/Ctl to scale the selected walls. Shift scales faster than control. Probably not great for vast wall re-scaling, but useful for a set of walls that is "off by a bit".


  • A module to reduce the number of walls in your map by merging those that have common points and are in the same line. When loaded a recycle icon is added to the walls button list, which when pressed will merge walls. It can take some time for complex maps - so be patient and wait for the UI notification that it has finished.
  • It resepects wall type/direction and will only merge walls of the same type.
  • The module does not make much difference on hand drawn wall sets but on some downloaded map sets, e.g. from Roll20 or DunGen can reduce the number of walls by 30%.
  • There is one configuration parameter, angleToMerge, which is the largest angle of incidence for which walls will be considered to be aligned. Typical values are 5 degrees, agressive is 20, for maps with no curved lines you can go higher, but this is likely to remove some walls you really wanted. You can run the module with increasing angles to see what happens.


Always works on the active scene.

Change Log
0.0.6 fixed typo in module.json

0.0.7 adds wall scaling

0.0.8-0.0.11 added short segment removal.

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