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The MAD Cartographer | Strongholds | Battlemap Pack

Latest version12.0.1
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Compatible Core12
Last updated1 week ago
Created2 years ago
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The Strongholds theme from The MAD Cartographer! 


This module pack contains:

  • 9 unique battlemaps complete with dynamic walling, lighting,native canopy elements, multi-level mapping, and ambient audio.
  • A collaboration map - The Loot Tavern!
  • Includes a free Cragmaw Castle map

This map pack features a collection of strongholds and bastions covering a variety of styles and locations - including a pallisade forest fortress, a frozen keep, a bandit hideout, and a walled fort inspired by Helms Deep!  All maps are 140ppi webp images, for the best balance of quality & performance in a VTT setting.

Maps included in this product:

  • Forest Overwatch - A wooden pallisade fortress in the forest, sat beside a lake. Wooden watchtowers allow scouts to survey the surrounding region. 
  • Frozen Keep - A frigid fortress carved into an icy mountainside. Large braziers burn outside to allow the guards to keep warm and alert, whlst in the back of the keep towers grant access to other levels of the keep.
  • Cragmaw Castle - The Goblin-infested fortress of a stone keep. Several collapsed towers have spilled debris throughout the ruin, blocking some entrances but also creating new ones in the walls of the fallen bastion.
  • Desert Fort - A small, functional fort in a hotly-contested region of desert. This spartan outpost allows troops to maintain a constant vigil for enemies.
  • Fort Boyardish - A large coastal fortress spanning multiple floors. On the top level, cannons point in every direction, ready to fend off a naval assault no matter where it approaches from. The flower floors of the keep contain living quarters and more defenses!
  • Helm's Deep - A large fortress, placed at the end of a valley. Tall stout walls look posed to repel an invading force of thousands if need be, but a small river running under a segment of the wall could pose a weak point. Inside the keep, empty rooms are ready to be furnished to your choosing.
  • Dwarven Stronghold - Deep beneath the earth is a rare Dwarf Stronghold that for once, isn't brimming with lava. Constructed over a deep mining crevasse, this series of stone buildings are connected with wooden bridges. Guard outposts, living quarters and a magical relic all stand in support of a twin throne room, where the rulers of this region may hold court.
  • Bandit Hideout - Tucked away in a more peaceful-seeming region of woodland, is a hidden lair made in an old cave system. A local group of bandits and highwaymen have made this their base of operations - rudimentary defenses have been set up to protect their haul, and a makeshift camp has been set up at the back. A waterfall, fresh from the mountains, comes down through the roof of the cavern and provides drinking water.
  • The Loot Tavern - Existing in its own magical demiplane, this massive tavern serves as a nexus point for many interesting adventurers on their travels. A giant telescope in the western laboratory allows magical investigation into new locales and monsters to hunt.

If you have any questions regarding with this module pack, or want to join the MAD community you can join our Discord server!


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