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The MAD Cartographer | Lairs | Battlemap Pack

Latest version12.0.1
Minimum Core12
Compatible Core12
Last updated1 week ago
Created2 years ago
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The Lairs theme from The MAD Cartographer! 


This module pack contains:

  • 15 unique battlemaps complete with dynamic walling, lighting, native canopy elements, and ambient audio.
  • 1 Red Dragon Lair 'mega-dungeon' with a full version, and smaller segment maps available
  • Structural artwork providing a cross reference of two of the lairs


This map pack features a collection of lairs, including multiple types of Dragon Lair, a Syndicate hideout, a Modron Temple and a Vampire Crypt. Some maps utilise Ripper's Levels module to add additional functionality for verticality.  All maps are 140ppi webp images, for the best balance of quality & performance in a VTT setting. 

Maps included in this product:

  • White Dragon Lair - High in the snowy mountains lies the warren of a great white wyrm that has carved out a network of tunnels. Blood-stained chambers are littered with remnants of her kills, and a secluded nesting cavern is filled with gold, gems, and pilfered treasure.
  • Crystal Dragon Lair - In the frigid southern wastes, a crystalline dragon has built a nest within a cluster of diamond-tipped pillars. A blizzard-battered altar stands nearby, either erected to honour the dragon, or in memory of some long-forgotten deity.
  • Vampire Crypt - Deep beneath another building, a long set of stairs carries adventurers down to a large and ominous cellar chamber. A ring of coffins sit in alcoves illuminated by crimson torches, with a central chamber holding a coffin of clear importance and prominence. The Master Vampire is no fool however, and the coffin is a decoy. A secret door reveals a corridor leading to the true coffin. A variant of this map is available with a ring of unholy fire surrounding the chamber.
  • Owlbear Caves - A large cavern, where a new mine breached a larger set of caves and was quickly abandoned. Sunlight and rainwater leak in through the roof, allowing a carpet of moss to grow nearby. Several large nests have been built by large creatures that clearly live in a group.
  • Red Dragon Lair - A volcano is awakening, and lava has now spilled through the halls of an old Dwarven Stronghold. Now the caverns slowly fill with pools of lava, and the forgotten tunnels begin to warm and awaken with life. Variants of this map are available with the East Wing, West Wing, or full dungeon.
  • Remorhaz Nest - A frigid tunnel winding down beneath the tundra, this has been carved out by a long serpentine creature. At the back of the tunnel is a chamber of boiling water, with a cluster of red-hot glowing eggs deep within. What creature has laid these elemental oddities - and is it nearby?
  • Modron Temple - A three-floor geometrical temple in the Robotic Plane of the Modron automatons - This mathematically pleasing temple allows visitors to ascend up a series of stairways and atriums to reach the top of the temple.
  • Mad Alchemist - The sprawling workshop of a mad alchemist who tests their newest concoctions on unwitting and unwilling subjects - vats, vials, and ventilation shafts litter the floor space and worktops. Behind locked doors, a font of their putrid elixir bubbles away ominously.
  • Syndicate Speakeasy - Tucked away at the back of a storage unit in the busy city, a secret door opens up into an exclusive and hidden speakeasy - a bar where illicit activities such as illegal gambling games, dodgy deals, and fearsome pit fights are on the menu. 


If you have any questions regarding with this module pack, or want to join the MAD community you can join our Discord server!


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