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The MAD Cartographer | The Fae Carnival | Battlemap Pack

Latest version3.0
Minimum Core0.5.0
Compatible Core10
Last updated4 months ago
Created11 months ago
Systems All systems
Dependencies Better Roofs
Token Attacher
Compendium Folders
Library: Scene Packer
Project source Project URL



The Fae Carnival theme from The MAD Cartographer! 


This module pack contains:

  • 23 unique battlemaps complete with dynamic walling, lighting, and ambient audio.
  • 15 asset tiles for use in your carnival, including Racing Snails, Riding Dragonflies and more!
  • Modular pathway tiles for constructing your own desired layout for the carnival (requires Kyelgee's Token Attacher module)


This map pack features a collection of Carnival themed maps for an exciting Fae adventure, as well as some maps for the area surrounding this carnival! Including a Big Top tent, modular carnival paths and stalls, Snail Racing, Dragonfly Riding and more!  All maps are 140ppi webp images, for the best balance of quality & performance in a VTT setting.


If you have any questions regarding with this module pack, or want to join the MAD community you can join our Discord server!


How Does the Patreon Integration System Work?

All you have to do is log into your Foundry VTT account and link your Patreon account. If you support the creator at the correct tier you'll be able to install the module using the normal Foundry VTT package installer. Here are the steps to link your account:

  1. Support The MAD Cartographer's Patreon here:
  2. Log in on the Foundry VTT website:
  3. Edit your profile here:
  4. Link your Patreon account at the bottom of the page if you haven't already.
  5. Verify The MAD Cartographer shows up under If The MAD Cartographer does not appear as expected under your "Subscribed Content" page of your user profile, you may need to Refresh your Patreon link using the 'Refresh' button next to your linked account name.
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