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The MAD Cartographer | Endless Wizard Tower | Battlemap Pack

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Created2 years ago
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The Endless Wizard's Tower theme from The MAD Cartographer! 


This module pack contains:

  • 24 unique battlemaps complete with dynamic walling, lighting, and ambient audio.
  • An animated planchette token for the seance scene
  • Blank wizard's tower, for populating with your own assets. 

This product includes the following maps:

  • Empty Chamber - A blank chamber for creating your own wizard's tower floor using The MAD Cartographer assets!
  • Gate - An arrival chamber at the base of the tower, featuring a magic teleportation rune in the centre of the floor. A small bedchamber (perhaps for the tower's custodian) sits off the to the side, as well as a reception lounge. There are no stairs down from this chamber - the only way is up!
  • Library - A modest library chamber, containing countless magical tomes. Several small study areas and desks are dotted around the chamber. Behind a portion of the bookshelves lies a secret chamber containing a single, powerful tome on a lecturn. What does this tome contain?
  • Observatory - A beautiful enchanted observatory chamber, swirling with a magical recreation of the known cosmos. A massive telescope of gold clockwork points up to the heavens. Two versions of this map are available - one with stairs up / down, and the other with only steps down, placing this telescope at the top of the entire tower.
  • Herbalist Garden - A small herbalism chamber, with several planters and a living moss wall - perhaps for study, or for the harvesting of alchemical components. The herbalists bedchamers are off to one side, as well as a small working area.
  • Frozen Artifact - This tower isn't just for study - there may be creatures and prisoners contained here that require a magician's skill to keep safely under locka and key. This chamber contains such a creature - enchanted permafrost lines the floor and hangs in the air, with a magical frost rune surrounding a massive pillar of ice in the centre of the chamber. Within the depths of the ice, a vague figure can be made out.
  • Class Quarters - Many students may visit the wizard's tower for study. This floor provides a variety of bed chambers, communal lounge areas and a a small kitchenette for students - as well as several secret chambers for unruly students to explore after hours!
  • Seance - This chamber offers a way to commune with the revered dead - the floor has been carved with letters, numbers, and simple statements. With the right guidance and magical expertise, an animated planchette can be controlled in tandem with the spirits, to spell out a message from beyond.
  • Fantasia - This classroom is a suite of enchanted musical instruments, with a composer's plinthe in the centre of the chamber. As the instruments play of their own accord, the conductor tries to attempt to keep the symphony playing in tune with their magic from their vantage point.
  • Summoning Circle - A small chamber tucked away in the tower that is said to only be accessible with a particular key. A makeshift summoning ritual has been created in the centre of the chamber, with a dessicated corpse locked off in a chamber to the side. Two versions of this map are included - one with the ritual inactive, and the other with it glowing with magical energy as the ritual is activated!
  • Void Ritual - A magical experiment goes awry, unleashing a dangerous torrent of eldritch void energy into the tower. Study notes and the books used in the ill-fated lesson are thrown around the room and covered in otherworldly viscera, as a constant stream of void matter overwhelms the ritual circle and begins to spread...
  • Soothing Spa - Everyone needs a break from their studies, and a relaxing soak can be just the way to unwind. Magical servants are on hand in this sauna and spa, which is said to be at the perfect temperature and most appealing scent for each visitor. Several small private pools are available for those who want solitude, and small tropical plants seem thrive in the humidity of the spa.
  • Lonely Hermit - Several hidden doors on this level of the tower reveal obscure secrets - a hidden set of living quarters concealed within the walls of the tower, where an individual who values their privacy has access to a personal set of bed chambers, kitchen, bathroom, and library. Who is hiding in this portion of the tower?
  • Griffon's Eyrie - Visitors come from far and wide to access the famous libraries of the tower, and those who do not have access to teleportation magic often make the trip on Griffon. This floor looms high over most of the tower, and has several landing pads for Griffons to arrive and depart. In the centre of the chamber is a large bedding and feeding area for flying steeds to rest and recover. 
  • Storage - Even with so much access to magic, sometimes you just need a room to store your spare junk in - not everything needs its own demiplane! This floor consists of several chambers filled with various crates, boxes, shelves, and assorted trinkets that have been put into storage. A variant of this map is included where the rooms are choked with cobwebs, dust, and neglect. 
  • Dungeon - Many wizards invariably end up with enemies, and may want a place to keep those who would do them harm under close observation. This dungeon floor contains several prison cells, as well as an enchanted oubliette and a torture chamber. The remains of a previous guest lie in their cell - perhaps forgotten by their captor.
  • Prism Prison - A complex chamber of metal latticework, glass walls, and mirrored surfaces - This entire chamber is a visual puzzle intended to keep its extraplanar captive bound within the confines of our dimension. Those who navigate the mirror puzzle may find themselves able to interrogate (or release!) the captive.
  • Minitaur's Maze - The result of magical experimentation, the Minitaur is the most fearsome, guinea pig sized labyrinthe guardian in all of the realms. This floor of the tower has been remodelled into a small, tight maze - through which the Minitaur stomps adorably, and relentlessly pursues its quarry in a manner that is frankly darling.
  • Colour of Light - An experimental study into the nature of magic itself has imploded spectacularly, and the arcane energies are now erupting catastrophically from the equipment and destroying the contents of the library. Beams of magic arc from the the machine to each wall, casting red, blue, and green light shows around the room.
  • Terrorium - The result of a herbalogical experiment gone wrong, this entire floor of the tower is now dominated by a massive carniverous plant called Deirdre. She has spread her roots into a thick mat covering the walls and floors of the chamber, and can feel the approach of potential victims by their footsteps across the roots. Can Deirdre be reasoned with to gain safe passage, or does she need to be pruned?

This map pack features a variety of floors for our endless Wizard's tower! Including dormitory suites, classrooms for a variety of musical subjects, summoning circles, herbology labs, spa pools and more!  All maps are 140ppi webp images, for the best balance of quality & performance in a VTT setting.


If you have any questions regarding with this module pack, or want to join the MAD community you can join our Discord server!


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