Macro Manager

Latest version0.2.7
Minimum Core10
Compatible Core11
Last updated10 months ago
Created1 year ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
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Macro Manager

This module let you open a dialog with your favorite macros (image bellow). This let one hotbar space be used for lots of macros or you can just use a keyboard shortcut without the hotbar.





  • Heavy macro users
  • It's alternate way to call your macros or anything that you would use in the hotbar. This can free a lot of hotbar slots.
  • You can create share a group of macros with your players.
  • You can create the macro dialog without need to change settings. Check Custom Macro Manager.
  • You can read macros from your compendiums. This avoid populate your world with macros. Useful if you use a macro compendium from one module which got updated, you just read the macro from there, you don't need to import again.
  • You can add journals, tables, etc with the module Drag Anything to Hotbar.



  • You can use up to nine Macro Managers.
  • Nine Macro Managers aren't enough? Create more with Custom Macro Manager.
  • You can set them to be persistent, they will not close until you click the Close Button.
  • You can call Summary to know how your macros are organized.
  • You can change the font size.
  • You can enable keyboard shortcut for players. This will let you create a macro set and let your players call it.
  • You can read macros from a compendium.
  • You can sort the list. There is an option in settings.
  • You can add headers to organize the macros.
  • Theme! You can change the theme of your macro manager!
  • You can make the dialog transparent.


Learn more at:

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