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Latest version1.5.5
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core10
Last updated2 months ago
Created2 years ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
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Lock View is a module that gives the GM control over the zoom and pan capabilities of players, such as locking the zoom or pan, moving the canvas, or setting the view to a specified setting.

The module was originally made to make play using a digital playmat, such as a horizontally mounted TV, easier. But the module can also be useful for digital play, for example if you have a static screen and you don't want your players to move.

The module has 6 main functions:

  • Autoscaling: Scales the scene in various ways (horizontal fit, vertical fit, or scaled to a physical gridsize)
  • Zoom lock: Locks the zooming of the scene to prevent the user from (accidentally) messing up the autoscale
  • Pan lock: Locks the panning of the scene. If you use physical minis you don't want to accidentally pan
  • Bounding box: Limit zoom and pan to stay within a bounding box
  • Force initial view: After loading a new scene, the view is forced to the initial view (as set in the scene configuration menu), regardless of the position of tokens
  • Viewbox: Allows the GM to see what's shown on the client's screens, and allows the GM to control the pan and zoom of those clients

'Autoscaling', 'Zoom Lock', 'Pan Lock', 'Bounding Box' and 'Force Initial View' can be set for each scene independently.

'Zoom Lock', 'Pan Lock' and 'Bounding Box' can be enabled and disabled at any time using control buttons.

These functions can be applied to selected connected clients (must be set in the client's module settings screen), or to all non-GM connected clients (is set in the GM's module settings screen).


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