I See You 5e

Latest version1.4.1
Minimum Core0.6.6
Compatible Core0.6.6
Last updated3 years ago
Created3 years ago
Systems All systems
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Automate Perception Checks and reveal any hidden enemies within X units if the Perception of the controlled token is greater than the Stealth of the Hostile token. The number of units can be edited within the Module Settings window. Adds an icon in the token hud (right-click the token).
Handles multiple tokens selected. Simple - The token with the highest perception will be used. Per-Token - Each token will reveal what they can from their position
Variant Passive Degradation (Module Setting). I've added in an option for 'Variant Perception Degradation'. This implements the passive perception losing a score of 1 per 10 feet of distance. The further the target, the worse your perception.
Show Icon For (Module Setting) Disable tokenHUD icon on some tokens (Default: Characters). All - The Icon will appear on every token. Characters - Only appears on Characters. Friendlies - Only on tokens with a Friendly/Neutral disposition. The icon will only ever appear if you're GM, players do not have access to the icon.
Allow GM Stealth Override (Module Setting) - If enabled, Hostile tokens will now have an input box on the bottom right which will default to the tokens Passive Stealth. This input box is what will be checked against the Passive Perception to determine whether or not to reveal the token. It allows GM's who like to roll for Stealth as they're prepping a scene (like me) to use the number rolled rather than the Passive Stealth.
Roll Hostile Stealth (Module Setting) - Button that will roll a stealth check for the selected Hostile token and this is will be the value used against Perception to determine if the hostile token should be revealed.
Display Perception Results (Module Setting) - Print a chat message with each token revealed by which token. i.e. "Donny revealed Shadow [14]".
Account for Walls (Module Settings) - If there's a wall that blocks line of sight, the token will not be revealed.
Active Perception Roll Type (Module Setting) - Auto - The Perception check will be automatically rolled by the token. Request - The player will receive a prompt requesting that they roll a Perception Check.
Automatice Passive Perception Checks (Module Settings)[Experimental] - Automatically check nearby tokens to reveal them when token is moved.
Stealth Mode (Module Setting)[Experimental] - Player token is Hidden from everyone but remains visible to the GM and the token Owner to simulate the player stealthing from everyone else.
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3 years ago

This used to work really well, but now I don’t have all the HUD options it used have. I can no longer make a stealth roll from the token HUD or set the value like I used to be able to. Will this be updated soon? I used it quite a bit.

Great module!

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