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Configurable animated graphical timers & round trackers for foundry VTT that can be shown by the GM to all players.

Hourglass Window Hourglass Window

Hourglass Options

To create a new hourglass, a Game Master may select the hourglass icon under the Token Controls.

Hourglass Window

This will open the options window for you to configure your hourglass.

Hourglass Window

  • Timer Type - The type of animated graphic to show to players. Options currently include "Hourglass" & "Flipdown Clock".
  • Title - The display name of the hourglass that will appear at the top left.
  • Style - The visual style of the timer graphic to be displayed. 
  • Size - The display size of the timer window: Tiny, Small, Medium & Large.
  • Duration (Seconds/Minutes) - The time taken for the hourglass to complete.
  • Sand Colour - The hex value for the colour of the sand in the hourglass. Can be typed manually or selected using the colour picker.
  • Display time as text? - Indicates whether you wish to display the remaining time as a text overlay on the hourglass.
  • End message - Text to be displayed as an overlay on the hourglass after the duration has passed.
  • End sound - Sound to be played to all players after the duration has passed (more details below).


The start hourglass button, once pressed, will cause a new hourglass window to appear on the screen of all players currently in the game session using the chosen options:

Hourglass Window

Once the duration has elapsed, the remaining time will dissapear and be replaced by the end message (if one has been entered):

Hourglass Window

Players can move the hourglass around the screen while it is counting down. They do also have the option of closing it, though they should only do this once the duration has elapsed.

Once an hourglass has been created, the module will retain the "last used" settings for the duration of the session. This means that you can create subsequent hourglasses using the same settings without having to re-enter them.

Multiple hourglasses can be opened by a GM at one time, should you wish to track multiple events simultaneously.

Manual "on click" control

Timers can be set to "manual" control by setting the Duration type to "Manual (user click) in the hourglass options.

Hourglass Window

The manual timers feature a forward and backward button that, when clicked, will decrease and increase the remaining increments respectively. This could potentially be used by GMs to include manually controlled/incremented event or round tracking within their games. Both forward and back buttons are only visible to users with the GM role.


As well as changing the sand colour, each timer has a range of different visual styles to choose from.

Hourglass Timer Round Stone Hourglass Timer Round Stone

Each style has all of the same functionality and customisation options as the default.

A heartfelt thankyou to artist Zael for creating some fantastic alternative timer styles with a range of themes.


Game Masters have the ability to save Hourglass Options as Presets. This will allow frequently used configurations to be quickly recalled and displayed.

Hourglass Window

  • Select Preset - Presents a dropdown list of all previously saved Hourglasses. A GM can select a preset from this list to populate all options fields with data saved for that preset.
  • Save New - Will persist all currently entered options as a new Preset with a name matching the Title field.
  • Update Selected - Will update an existing selected Preset with currently entered options. If the title field has been changed, the name of the preset will also be updated. If no Preset is selected from the dropdown, this button will be disabled.
  • Delete Selected - Will delete an existing selected preset. If no Preset is selected from the dropdown, this button will be disabled

End Sound

Games masters can choose to play a sound at the end of the timer duration by selecting it from the "End Sound" dropdown in the options window.
Hourglass Window
Once selected, the sound can be previewed (in the GM's client only) by pressing the "Play" button on the right of the dropdown.
There are a range of pre-loaded sounds to choose from. The GM may alternatively choose to add their own sound from a file by selecting "Select from audio file...". Once selected, the GM can use the file picker to select a previously uploaded audio file or upload a new one.
When an End Sound is selected, this sound will play in all clients where the timer window appears once the timer duration has elapsed.


Once a timer has been created, the countdown can be paused by clicking the "pause" button in the top right of the timer window.
Hourglass Window
This will cause the animation to stop playing and for the words "(Paused)" to appear in the text area of the window. In the case where "Display time as text" has been selected, the "(Paused)" indicator will be appended to the remaining time.
Hourglass Window
To resume the countdown, the GM can simply press the "Resume" button (which has replaced the "Pause" button) in the top right of the window.

Both the "Pause" and "Resume" buttons are only visible for users with GM role.


The Popout! module is disabled for Hourglass Timer windows due to compatibility issues.

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